5 Morning Routine Hacks


I like flowers & sunshine, and this picture I took in Pefkos makes me happy and feel awake of a morning knowing I’ll hopefully see it again one day.

One of my new year resolutions was to try and be more of a morning person, because truth be told I suck at mornings. My husband finds me very entertaining of a morning, as he totally aces them, he can spring out of bed, be showered and dressed and having coffee within 20 minutes. But me, oh no, I take at least 20 minutes battling with the snooze button, then when I am up I literally start walking in to things and put my coffee spoon in the bin instead of the sink. Seriously.

I have told myself though that I am going to start embracing the day right away, and be thankful for a new day. In doing this, I also had a think on what could make my mornings easier, especially for the days when as much as I want to be alert, my mind is still lying softly against my pillow. I’ve come up with 5 morning hacks that can help you, if you’re like me, and so far so good they are all working great for me in this New Year.

1 – Choose your outfit the night before.

Some of you probably already do this, but if you don’t then try it out! The night before offers way more deliberation time than a morning does. Plus, if you live with someone, like I do, then if they’re still in bed and you’re rummaging around in the wardrobe, huffing and puffing at your total lack of choices (this is describing me of a morning), then they aren’t going to thank you for waking them up.

2 – Wash, cleanse and moisturise your face before bed.

This is a must, especially after you’ve had your make up on all day. Sometimes, I admit, I crash in to bed with it all still on, and my skincare routine the next day is twice as long. So take it all off the night before so you wake up fresh, and you only need a quick wash, toner, and moisturise.

3 – Use your favourite shower gel every morning.

I don’t know why but when I get a lovely shower gel I tend to keep it “just for best”, but forget that now, every day could be the best day ever (cheese, don’t care) so get scrubbing with that gorgeous gel. I had a Dior one for so long and kept not wanting to use it, I don’t know why as it was gorgeous. My one at the moment is from The Body Shop, it’s Satsuma and it’s so tangy smelling, it makes me feel really awake.

4 – Have a Morning Face make up bag ready.

This is something I have just recently started doing and it’s genius. I have so many make up bags that don’t get used until I am travelling somewhere, so I chose one that I got for Christmas and I have put my make up in there that I tend to use on a daily basis for work – my throughout the week face, as I like to call it. I’ve even put make up brushes in there. It’s so much easier, and has saved the routing it all out.

5 – Make a coffee to go.

Whatever your drink of choice is each morning, make it to go. I’ve been trying this with my coffee and smoothies, and I’ve found it really stops me from procrastinating. Take it in the car with you, or on the bus/train, it saves so much time in sitting and drinking it at home. Unless on the days where you really need that kick before getting going, then sit and enjoy the coffee/tea/smoothie, and then try all of the above after it!

If you try any of these morning hacks, or have any of your own, please let me know by commenting below, or tweeting me on @jessimilton25.


Jess xxx


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