A Photo Diary of an Epic Weekend in Liverpool

Loving My City

So it’s no surprise that if you have followed me for a while on my social media or my blog, you will know I live in Liverpool, and that I love Liverpool. There are some cities that I have visited that are incredible, and turned out to be some of my favourite places. However, my own city will always hold a special place in my heart. Without boasting, it is one of the best cities in the world.

From the people, to the history, to the buildings and the constant buzz here, what is not too love. Over the last 10 years or so the city has gone from strength to strength, and us under 30’s, I’d say, are only remembering the city as a developing one.

My parents can remember what the city was like before money was injected in to it, it was hit hard in the 80’s with strikes, riots, job losses, business closures, no thanks to the Government at the time. It was hit even harder during the war, due to it being a port and manufacturer of rationed and desirable goods. My grandparents would always tell me about what it was like during the bombings and blackouts.

This city has rebuilt itself over the years but has always been resilient and the happiness and friendliness in the people has never changed. We’re not voted in the Top 10 (and usually number 1) of the friendliest cities in the world for nothing!

A Memorable Weekend

So there’s my love letter to my own city, and now on to the blog and meaning behind that opening.

This weekend I had a very memorable time in my city, doing lots of completely different things. I’m going to do a photo diary of everything that the city had to offer this weekend, and it might inspire you for ideas if you’re visiting soon.

Obviously not all the events will be the same, but certainly there will always be musical shows, sporting events and concerts on. You just have to keep an eye out.

A Theatrical City

For a relatively small city centre, Liverpool has a large variety of theatre venues. This weekend we visited the Liverpool Empire Theatre. This is probably the most well known within the city along with the Liverpool Philharmonic. The Empire is famous for showing musical theatre productions, variety shows, and years ago, before the likes of arenas starting popping up, huge named music acts from all over the world would perform here.

My Mum saw Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, The Four Tops, The Walker Brothers and many more all perform at the Empire.

On Friday night though, we saw Cilla The Musical and it completely blew me away. The production is now on tour around the country, so you’ll have to look up to see if it’s coming near you as it’s definitely worth the watch.

It’s the story of Cilla Black and how she became a star. The atmosphere in the theatre was amazing, obviously with it being a Liverpool story, a lot of the audience, including myself felt a connection to it. There were moments were I was laughing and then moments when I was crying. I couldn’t hold back the tears when Kara Hayworth (playing Cilla) sang Anyone Who Had a Heart. Her voice was phenomenal.

At the end of the play the entire cast come on stage to sing a Finale number and this was very emotional also. Looking down the line at all the characters being portrayed, it was sad to see that so many of them are no longer with us in real life. Cilla herself, Bobby her husband, Brian Epstein, John Lennon and George Harrison.

Being such a huge fan of the 60’s and of the musical era of Liverpool in the 60’s I absolutely loved this show.

Complimentary Treatments

The Body Shop in Liverpool One always have fantastic complimentary treatments available. You can get hand/arm massages, mini facials and express makeovers, all complimentary. It is definitely worth popping in if you are out and about in town. This weekend I had a mini cleansing facial and it was brilliant.

They chat to you about your skin and what you are either struggling with, or would like to achieve. I chose to focus on hydration and radiance, as these are what I lack the most. A cleanser and toner were used, followed by a serum and moisturiser. My skin was massaged and despite being on the shop floor, I still felt very comfortable and relaxed.

I would highly recommend these flash treatments as I have tried them all now and loved them. They’re a great pick-me-up.

Then, I went on to have my make up done at the Beauty Bazaar by the Estee Lauder girls. It was to test out the new Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder collection. I’m saving all opinions for the blog post I’m working on for it, but here is a sneak peak.

The Big Event Venue

The echo arena is the venue Liverpool needed for years. We would always head to Manchester for the MEN Arena for big shows, and sometimes we still do. But, since the Echo Arena opened, most big artists now appear here too. This weekend it was home to the new Boxing competition, the World Boxing Super Series. It was my first time at the boxing, I usually just watch it at home, but I really enjoyed being there. The night was made even better when the lad we went to support won his fight. It was a nice date night for us.

The following night at the Liverpool Echo Arena was John Legend. We’d had these tickets booked for so long and we were so excited to be there. I went with my Mum and Sister, who are definitely my partners in crime when it comes to concerts, we go to as many as we can together. This show was so amazing, John Legend’s voice is out of this world. We saw him a few years ago at Wireless Festival and we couldn’t wait to see him again. We’ve been fans of John’s for years, since he released his first album in 2004. He played for 2 hours none stop and he didn’t tire, his voice only got better and better. We had a good dance and sing and it all went by far too quickly, as all the best concerts do.

The evening and weekend were rounded off by the best moment (aside from if we actually got to meet John), I uploaded a few pictures to Instagram about the night and JOHN LEGEND himself LIKED the picture. I was freaking out. Just shows how much of a legend (no pun intended) that guy is!

Thanks For Sticking With Me

So that rounded off one fantastic weekend that I had to document on here, as a kind of diary, because there was no way I was forgetting this one.

If you’ve made it to the end then thanks for sticking round in my very different style of post to what I usually share. You’ll notice that all pictures are from my phone or social media’s too, so they’re not the greatest. But hey, I wasn’t even planning on sharing all this, but it hit me on Sunday evening how lucky I was to experience all of this.

If you’re coming to Liverpool soon then definitely check out these venues for the dates you are here. And if you have any of questions about the city, or want recommendations, always just ask me!

Love, Jessi



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