Bringing Hygge to my home.


When I moved house I knew I wanted to make the new place completely different to our old place. I’ve always loved interiors, so I already had ideas for our new living room before we’d even moved in. We had been given a coffee table from our in-laws which has turned in to a great piece for the living room. So naturally with a coffee table on the way my mind knew I needed some gorgeous books to go on it. I’ve enjoyed choosing what accessories ended up going on here to make our living room chic and cosy.

I decided to keep the table quite minimal and just let my 2 books, some flowers and a candle do the talking. Adding flowers to a room always makes it look inviting to me, I just love flowers, especially daffodils in the spring, they are so cheerful, but any blooms look gorgeous. The candle I’ve got on there at the moment is actually just a Primark one, but it’s lovely. My yankee ones have recently run out, I’m devastated guys (dramatic much) because I love my yankee’s, but I think it may be time soon to invest in a gorgeous candle from either Diptyque, Jo Malone or The White Company.

If you have bought candles from these brands then tell me your favourites. 


The Little Book of Hygee is honestly the sweetest and most uplifting book I have read in a while. It’s uplifting in a way that helps you create a happy home and learn about a culture that has been voted the happiest nation in the world. The book is written by The Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen, and it explains the Danish way of living – the Hygge way.

Hygge is pronounced Hoo-Gah for anyone wondering. 

It shows you how to bring Hygge to every aspect of your life because it describes it as a feeling inside you that is awakened by your surroundings. A room with dimmed lighting, candles, blankets on comfy looking chairs, your friends setting the world to right, and something delicious to drink and eat is one example of Hygge at its best. Until I read this I didn’t realise how much I understood this way of living. A trip to Denmark is definitely in order now.



On a weekend when I’m having my coffee and porridge for breakfast I like to just sit and flick through these books for a short while before I start my day off, as I think they really put me in a happy & inspired mood. When I’m still in my PJ’s and got a blanket round me on the couch, then I’m definitely feeling the hygge.


Coco Chanel by Megan Hess is the most beautiful book I’ve ever owned. It’s simply stunning. I told my dad to buy this for my sister for Christmas, and when she opened it she nearly cried, honestly it is that gorgeous.

Are we the only ones to get crazy excited over a pretty book?

Megan Hess is a fashion illustrator and her Instagram page is up there with one of my favourite accounts.(meganhess_official), you really need her account it in your feed if you don’t already. Her book tells the story of Coco Chanel and the development of the fashion house over the years, bringing us right up to 2015 Paris Fashion Week with another stunning collection from Karl Lagerfeld. I love everything about Chanel, so Megan combining her designs with Chanel’s history made for a lovely book to own.


Have any of you guys read or glanced at these books? I’d recommend them completely for filing you with warm fuzzies and they’re also great books for any visitors to your house to pick up and glance at whilst they have their coffee.

If anyone has any other great coffee table book ideas or favourite scents from the candle brands I mentioned earlier, please do comment below and recommend some to me,


Jess xoxo



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