CarnLIVal – for bloggers ran by bloggers.

CarnLival – An event by bloggers for bloggers. 

For starters I best explain what CarnLIVal actually is. Well, it’s a bloggers event ran by 2 fabulous bloggers, Katy and Sammy.  It’s like one massive hang out where we can all come together, chat, have fun, swap tips for blogging and then also receive killer goody bags that are packed with fantastic products gifted by brands who know how successful the event will be. This is the first event of Katy and Sammy’s that I have been to, and it’s safe to say it surpassed my expectations and I am already so excited for their next one. There is SO much I want to say about this event and I’ve had to concentrate to get all this out right, so rather than rambling on because I’m so excited, I’ve nipped the whole event in to 5 points!

5 Reasons Why You Should Come to the next #CarnLIVal.

1 – Find the right location and everything falls in to place.



This event was held at the stunning Hope Street Hotel. This boutique style hotel is located on Hope Street and nestled between two Cathedrals, theatres and amazing eateries. The hotel is very design led and you can tell this as you walk around. The design is chic but gives off a cosy vibe when you’re in the rooms. The suites & penthouses are insanely brilliant. The penthouses, like the 5th floor function space, have stunning views over the city, you can see the Liverpool Waterfront and further afield to the Welsh hills.




Standard rooms at the hotel, which are still stunning and come with a Nespresso coffee machine – yes this was one of the first things I noticed, start from just £89 per night.

Also, can we just look at that bath tub, wow. 

2 – You’re helping charity whilst having a great time.


The great thing about CarnLIVal is it’s not only a great hang out, but you’re helping fantastic charities in the process. Throughout the day we could take part in lucky dips that were 50p a go, the prizes in these Naughty & Nice bags were amazing so you wanted to throw in a few quid & more to stock up. The money raised went to St Rocco’s Hospice & Student Minds, and over £100 is going to both amazing charities. Also, we had the chance to donate sanitary & hygiene products that are going to be distributed around Merseyside schools & youth groups, these will hopefully help young girls who are sadly not able to have access to these products that are complete necessities in female life.

3 – Products, products and more products.


Who doesn’t love trying out new products? I for one LOVE it, and goodness gracious me, there was products GALORE. Beauty, food, hygiene, drinks, and not forgetting a few cheeky naughty bits, they were all handed out for us to take away, review & enjoy. The brands that got involved with the event were amazing, to name just a few – Illamasqua, Make Up Geek, Derma V10, Kiko, Show Beauty, Tony & Guy, I could go on but I will be blogging about them all pretty soon. The level of brands that got involved really show how well respected this event is, and how Katy & Sammy work so hard to grow it & build up these great relationships.


I suppose this is the point where I tell you what I won in the raffle, only a freaking Fentimans Hamper! Seriously. Is it right to cry over a hamper like this? I’d had my eye on it all day & could only use the power of positive thinking to bring it home with me, and it paid off! I can’t wait to use it (again, super cute blogging picnic coming up to show it off).

4 – “Your vibe attracts your tribe”

I hate myself for using this quote but please stick with me.

I have met SO many amazing girls through blogging, girls that I have been able to chat to and laugh with from the get go. It’s amazing when you meet genuinely like minded people that share the same dreams & hobbies as you, and will also be super patient when you want to stop randomly for a photo op or to wait a moment to photograph that good looking coffee before enjoying it.


The gorgeous Chloe & Danielle.


From this particular event I met so many more amazing ladies that I can call friends now. This is the kind of event that encourages you to chat, mingle & laugh with one another, so if you’re looking for more blogger friends (because yes, it can be a lonely hobby) then you have to look out for the next one.

5 – You’ll take more away from it than just goody bags.

Trust me when I say I was completely blown away by the goody bags (yes plural) that we took away, but that wasn’t what kept me buzzing all day. I was so inspired to write more the moment I left the event, this was down to a mixture of things, the uplifting atmosphere, the opportunity of being in a stunning location, being surrounded by inspiring people, especially Deborah Morgan – a local teacher, novelist, poet & play write who spoke to us about following & reigniting childhood dreams & working towards goals that spark excitement in you every day. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


You’re also at an event that is so relaxed, so you can chill with a drink & chat about hints & tips to help you with your blogging. Some of the conversations you will have are invaluable – I wish I’d taken a note pad with me!


The next CarnLIVal is hopefully going to be in July and the girls have already started working on it. Keep your eye out on twitter for the hashtag, have a read of other bloggers content about the event, and follow its creators Katy & Sammy for all developing news.

Are you a UK blogger that looks intrigued by this? I used UK and not just Liverpool or North West blogger, as two gorgeous girls travelled from Newcastle to be there. I’d love to hear your experiences with blogging events. Do you have any coming up? Or waiting for your first one? I’ll hopefully see you at one soon.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo



  1. whitedaisiesbluejeans
    April 16, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    Such an amazing blog my lovely! And the photos are amazing! So glad to have met you!

    • April 16, 2017 / 4:38 pm

      Thanks gorge. Aw Kayleigh so glad I met you on this day! Hope to see you again soon! x

      • whitedaisiesbluejeans
        April 16, 2017 / 4:53 pm

        You won’t be able to keep me away!!

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