Dior Rouge – The New Lipstick

First of all, Happy September everyone. I love the start of September as I love Autumn time. I love the colours in autumn of the leaves and trees everywhere. All the amazing coffee flavours start to come out, and I love it for the fashion buzz. September is like January for Fashion, new season, new trends and the start of Fashion Weeks!!


Like, how gorgeous is this!

New In Make Up

This post though is along the beauty lines. I love buying new make up and testing it out. I’m always looking for my go-to products, like my forever foundation, or forever bronzer, and for years now I have been getting to grips with lipstick.

Growing up, the only time I wore lipstick was for a dance show or a dance exam. It was never the most flattering shade, it was a bog standard Red for everyone.

So as soon as I could stop wearing it, I did, and moved on to gloss. Oh the lovely teenage phase of the Lancome Juicy Tubes or the MAC lip glosses. But over the last couple of years I’ve developed a love for Lipstick and Lip liner, and I now can’t wear a lipstick without the liner!

What did I ever do before liner!!

Dior VIP

Now I’ve recently bought 2 new lipsticks and 2 new liners, but today’s post is just about my beautiful new Dior set.

I am a part of the Dior VIP mailing list, which I’m sure thousands of other shoppers are too. It’s a fabulous incentive run by this brand as every now and then you get samples or little gifts sent to you in the post. The most recent one was this beautiful sample of nail varnish, a stunning red with a gel finish top coat – so dreamy!


Along with the gifts, you also get flash makeovers at your Dior counter. This is how I sampled the new range of lipsticks before I chose my shade.

The new range is amazing, it offers gloss finished lipsticks and matte shades. They have introduced new shades for Dior that are a little more daring. I’m usually a pinky lip girl. In fact, all my lipsticks are just varying shades of pink, so I knew I wanted something different.

I tried a purple matte lip with a clear lip liner (very strange, but it worked). Then I tried the reinvented classic red lip for Dior with the matching liner. I know, a Red lip, the colour I have sworn away from, but I loved it.

Matte Purple vs Red Smile

Dior Rouge Lipstick

Natalie Portman wears this shade in the advertising campaign, and I have dark features like her, so I think this is why I was drawn to it! This shade will be perfect all year round. It’s autumnal, it’s the perfect festive red, and it will look amazing with my dark hair down and a tan.


080 Red Smile – inspired by 080 red, first created in 1959.

The staying power of this lipstick was amazing. After applying it in the store I went out for tea, then slept in it. I know I shouldn’t sleep in make up, but this was an exception. When I woke up it was still a lovely red shade and totally in place. Even the hubs said “your lips are still red.”


Just before going to bed, and after our big tea!!

It so reassuring to know that after you’ve spent your money on a more expensive product, that it does work excellently. I couldn’t recommend this new range from Dior enough. My new lippy is definitely coming to London with me this weekend!

Make sure you head to your local Dior counter to try out these new shades, and don’t forget to get your selfie with the Lip “stick” and hashtag #IFeelGood.



One Happy Shopper!






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    September 2, 2016 / 7:49 am

    That colour is amazing! x

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