Facial Moisturisers -My Top 3.

Welcome back guys! I hope you’re all having a lovely December. How are you all getting on with your decorating and Christmas shopping? I am almost done with all mine, but haven’t begun to wrap any yet! I need to be in the mood to do that as it takes me forever, I like to make all the presents look really pretty, even the men’s ones that I know will just be ripped open.

I have bought my paper though, this year I went to M&S, they had some gorgeous ones. If you haven’t bought any yet, have a look on here!


Anyway, this blogs topic is on facial moisturisers. There is no exciting way to name this blog, it’s simply just what it says on the tin. I always moisturise my face, morning and night and have done since my early teens. This was just something my Mum and Nan would bang on about and they would always say “you’ll thank me when you’re older”, and I do. I’m now 27 and still look like I’m 16, this isn’t good all the time but skin wise I’m made up. Over the years I have tried so many different brands for moisturisers, but nowadays I stick to my favourite ones. So I’ve decided to share my top 3. They are all different price scales, one is a drugstore brand, one is from a skin care brand and the other is from a designer make up brand.


Garnier Soft essentials Daily Hydration


This moisturiser is so soft on your skin, and does not leave your skin feeling greasy or clogged up. For the cost of it, I think it is a fantastic product. The rose water in it helps my dry and sensitive skin, it helps take away any redness I may get after washing my face, and the hydration from it is very good. Even in the winter months my skin stays hydrated throughout the day when I wear this.


Espa Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser


This product is fantastic, not only does it feel silky soft, it also makes your skin feel silky soft too. Espa is one of my favourite skin care brands, pretty much every product I have tried of theirs I have loved. I have photographed a sample size of this product for you to see here, and see how generous a size it is. I have a few pots of these samples, and I have a slightly smaller size pot that I got in a mini facial kit. These pots have kept me going inbetween buying a new large pot; thank you gorgeous ladies at Espa Beauty Bazaar. This product is totally worth its price tag, it hydrates your skin so well and the essential oils used in it make it smell fantastic and so Spa like. It is perfect for face and neck, and also acts as a fantastic base to my make up.


Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Cream


So this one I didn’t know whether to believe the hype over, after all it’s very expensive and I was wondering how it could be worth it. The tale behind this cream is that it was the first thing Charlotte created when she was working as a back stage make up artist. She would use this on the models and celebrities instead of the other provided moisturisers, as she said it hydrated the skin better and provided a better base for the make up. She wasn’t wrong. Your skin looks glowing after applying this, and smallest amount goes a long way. It really creates a beautiful base for make up and I only need the smallest amount of Primer after I have applied this base. My make up doesn’t budge all day either. Bonus.

This product comes with amazing packaging, and leaves you with a glowing highlighted complexion.

Treat yourself, and your skin

I have listed these in price order, and not favourite order as it is too hard for me to choose. For the massive price differences between them, they don’t vary that much in quality. So why even buy the expensive ones I hear you ask? Well, because, I am someone who likes to wear different products for different occasions. For nights out and weekends I’ll wear my Tilbury, for work I’ll use my Garnier, and then for travelling or pamper nights I’ll use my Espa. I think it is good to treat your skin (and yourself) with different products.

If you still haven’t decided what you want for Christmas and you want a stunning pamper product to open, then go check these out, or even if you’ve been looking for a new moisturiser then pick up the Garnier.

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know what you think, and recommend me some more lovely products to try.


Jess xoxo



    • December 16, 2016 / 11:21 am

      It really is. It looks fab sitting on your dressing table! x

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