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How are you all doing? I hope really well. If you have missed my last few blog posts about lifestyle and beauty bits, then be sure to catch up over a cuppa. However, if you’re new here and this is the first post you’re reading, then a big hello to you. Please do comment below and say hi.

Introducing Instant Beauty Fix

Today’s post is enlightening you all to a fantastic online store that stocks beauty tools and make up items sourced from all over the world. Instant Beauty Fix is a UK company that is a bit of a hidden gem. It offers customers unique finds that you won’t see in many other places. Some items have been shipped from Australia or the US, which makes it perfect for us UK shoppers as we don’t have to pay any shipping costs. Winner.

Instant Beauty Fix Blogger Event.

Guy’s the cupcakes had my blog name on them. Wow. Love these from Intercake

Location is Key

I first heard of Instant Beauty Fix at the start of this month when they hosted a bloggers evening in Liverpool. The beautiful venue of The Club House, in Liverpool One, housed us for the evening. The event was hosted in the private dining room area of the restaurant, which is a stunning, intimate sized room, that gives me serious home dining room inspiration. The food and drinks provided by the Club House on the night were delicious. I’ve eaten here many a time before and it never disappoints.

The Club House L1. Instant Beauty Fix Event Venue.

The Club House, Liverpool.

Get Your Beauty Fix

I was lucky enough to receive a fantastic goody bag full of Instant Beauty Fix finds. We spoke about the products on the night and got to know the ins and outs of them before I tried them at home. Certain products really caught my eye, and I wanted them to be amazing when I started to use them.

I’m certainly not disappointed with the items I have so far tried, and some have become regulars in my getting ready routine.

Instant Beauty Fix.

Make Up Products

I’m always looking for new beauty brands and tools to try, so when I saw the MakeUpBoxLdn Hand Palette tool, I got excited. I am forever getting to work and looking down at my hand typing away and I notice I still have a foundation mark on the back of my hand. This tool can stop all that.

It is an acrylic palette that slides on to your hand and holds your foundation, CC/BB Cream, liquid highlighters etc. Easy peasy and no messy hand afterwards. For £9.99, this is a product I would definitely invest in.

Instant Beauty Fix

With the party season approaching this BeautyBlvd Glitter Lip Kit will be an essential of mine. I love a bit of sparkle anyways, so any excuse and I’m game. I fell in love with this when I saw it, as I loved the colours it came in. My shade is Diamond In The Buff and I love it. The red, Ruby Slippers, is fantastic for Christmas too. For £12.50, and a fair amount of product for a few uses, it is a good party season investment.

The Gradual Lip Treatment

The Freeze Frame Lip Injection product is super interesting. First of all I found it daunting, as it is actually shaped like a giant syringe. However, the gimmick behind this is because it is designed to be a non invasive lip plumping treatment. You apply this once a day or twice a day depending on how visible you want the results to be.

It states that after 29 days you should be able to see visible effects of plumping and thin lines have been reduced. I’m not on my 29th day yet, but I am routing for this to work as I suffer with fine lines on my lips and dryness. The product has a slight tingling, menthol feel to it, which does last a while when on your lips. This is not irritating or painful, I quite like it, as it feels like it is working.

This is a slightly higher priced product at £35.95, but if it is going to work out for me, then it is worth it. I’ll let you know.

“Wake Up Feeling Glamourous”

I first heard about the positive effects of using satin pillowcases from Kourtney Kardashian. She was raving about them to Khloe (her sister) on their reality show, explaining how they leave her with no harsh facial marks like cotton cases can sometimes leave, and her hair felt smoother after a good nights sleep.

Since I read up about them I found Gwyneth Paltrow also swears by them. So I was pretty happy when I saw Instant Beauty Fix have sourced some. Their Morning Glamour range offers different coloured cases, in packs of 1 or 2. My single case will see me through the nights before a party or event. As I don’t want a similar situation happening to me like the morning of my sisters graduation. I woke up with a huge pillow mark down my left cheek. Winner, for the photographs hey (it faded, eventually, thank goodness).

Skincare Love

Instant Beauty Fix Blog.

The skincare pieces that really stood out to me were the face masks and hand masks. The Karuna Hand Masks are designed to reduce the amount of age/sun spots on the back of your hands. As soon as I saw this product I knew my Mum would love it, so I passed it on to her to trial. She informed me it leaves your hands feeling nourished and smooth, however to fully reduce the appearance of sun damage you would need multiple goes. For £36 you do get 4 in a pack.

I love a good face mask, and the less messy the better. The Avojo Peel Off Masks are a good edition to my mask collection.

These are designed to target the removal of blackheads and dirt from around the T Zone area. I usually avoid blackhead removing masks, as they are far too painful to use. This mask however, doesn’t bring any pain. I still avoid the under eye area as much as I can when applying it around my nose, as the skin there is too thin and sensitive, and doesn’t appreciate the peel off feel.

It is recommended to peel off after 25-30 minutes, but 20 minutes has worked for me. There are 4 sachets in the £10 packet, so 1 a week would put you in a good short term facial routine.

What stood out to you?

Instant Beauty Fix

Like I said before, I have just picked out my favourite products that stood out to me, and that I have enjoyed using so far. I am sure I will get round to sampling out more in the near future, like the fabulous Lash Unlimited lashes. If you are on the hunt for any unique beauty pieces then I highly recommend having a browse of the Instant Beauty Fix site. There’s all kinds from Back Tanning Mit’s from Bronzie, to hair styling pins from Pintwist to create twists, curls and vintage up do’s. There is definitely something on there for everyone.

Love, Jessi




  1. November 8, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Such a great event! Fab post! I love the pillowcase soooo much. X

    • jessiloublog
      November 8, 2017 / 9:43 pm

      Thanks Antonia! I love the pillow case. Will use it every night before a special occasion now! xx

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