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Hey Guys,

If you are a regular reader of my blog then hopefully you’ll notice that more and more opportunities are coming through to my inbox, whether they are events or campaigns to collaborate on, and this is really exciting for me. I love creating a blog post to suit a campaign as it makes me think how I can be creative or how I can fit this in with my life and my blog theme. So when I was asked to get involved with the Give It Up For Lent campaign with Christian Aid, I jumped at the chance.


Image by Christian Aid.

The Give It Up For Lent campaign run by Christian Aid is to encourage anyone practising Lent this year to also donate to the charity to support their work in poverty stricken countries all over the world. They also aim to rally support from friends and family to also join in. From my point of view, this is a fantastic way to raise awareness and rally support. What better way to reach a platform of new donators than by reaching out to bloggers to help promote the campaign.

What Is Lent?

Lent is a fasting and reflective time that lasts for 40 days, starting from Ash Wednesday and finishing on Maundy Thursday. It is recognised by the Christian and Catholic faith as the time Jesus spent 40 days in the desert before his crucifixion.

Do I practice Lent?

Yes I do, but I don’t do it every year. In fact, I stopped doing it for a few years as the things I was giving up were not challenging me anymore, and I was missing the point of Lent. So this year I have decided to give up sweets and chocolate, 2 of my most favourite things to eat. I am such a chocolate and sweet muncher, I can happily make my way through a bag of wine gums, or a bar of galaxy, and grabbing a hot chocolate on a day out is my favourite thing.

We are now 10 days into lent and surprisingly I am not craving chocolate as much as I thought I would; seeing as I had tried and failed to give this up in previous years. But, the sweets are a killer. I’ve already considered caving and just carrying on with chocolate so I can eat some jelly tots and maoam’s.

However, this serious craving for some deliciousness has helped me focus more on the meaning of Lent for me.


Image by Christian Aid.

How You Can Get Involved – without giving up the yumminess.

Now I realise that not everyone practices lent for religious reasons, they do it more as a personal test or achievement, which is fantastic. Many people do not get involved with Lent at all, also totally fine, but maybe this year you can help me in supporting Christian Aid in their campaign by providing just £1 or £2 to this fantastic charity.

We would easily (well I would) spend £2 on goodies from the shop for a night in, or road trip somewhere, so would you consider donating that to improve a life somewhere else, where they are not fortunate to have chocolate and sweets at their disposal?

If so, that would be amazing, and I am going to leave some links below where you can learn more about the charity and donate to my Just Giving page.

My Just Giving Page

The Christian Aid Just Giving Page which offers more information and the chance to sign up

We may be on day 10, but there’s still 33 days left so plenty of time to still join in if you fancy a challenge.

Step away from the chocolate!!

I know this post has been a little different to my usual beauty and lifestyle, but I suppose this is a lifestyle post. As I am in the middle of a lifestyle change, I am learning that I can go without that 4th chocolate bar of the day and that I am less sluggish from too much sugar, which has been a bonus to my gym routine. So let’s see how I feel at the end of this years 44 days of Lent and also see how much we have managed to raise for an amazing cause.

Have any of you given anything up for lent?


Jess xoxo



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