Guilt Free Cocktails with Be At One

What happens when you put a group of Liverpool Bloggers in to a cocktail bar and you give them a party? A bloody good time is what.


Blurry picture alert, but hey I wanted to include it!

As if cocktails aren’t fun enough on their own, they are even more fun when you get to make them and sip them with friends and this is what Be At One can offer. Myself and some fabulous ladies had so much fun at a Cocktail Masterclass that was hosted by two fabulous bartenders, Chris and Desi at Liverpool’s “Be At One” on Seel Street. Now if you haven’t been here before, then you need to get yourselves there pronto. It is a laid back and super fun place to hang out and have a cocktail from the menu that offers over 100 variations (read more about the bar here in my previous post about the bars Liverpool launch night).


I was invited to this event to taste the new Virtuous Cocktails that have been added to the menu. The virtuous cocktails are not only delicious but they are made with a lower alcohol content (don’t worry, you still get a good kick from them) and natural sugars. They are designed to still offer a fantastic taste but with less sins, perfect so you can keep sipping on them guilt free.


The event was set up like the cocktail masterclasses that you can book to celebrate special occasions. We were greeted by Sophie, the manager of Be At One, with a glass of prosecco and some popcorn to nibble on, we then chose which of the Virtuous cocktails we would like to make. This part is really fun as you get to go behind the bar and create your cocktail. I chose one of the non alcoholic cocktails (for this occasion only, I was driving), it was called Sunday Morning and it was delicious. Part of the party is to play some games too, which was really funny, and really brought out our competitive side.



The event was so much fun and really captured the essence of the bar. It helped that the cocktails were near enough guilt free as well. These are a great choice if you’re still on your health kicks for the new year.


Thanks Danielle for these snaps! Having a ball behind the bar, and concentrating hard! 

I can’t wait to head back to one of my favourite cocktail bars in the city and this time try the “Bee’s Knee’s”, if I don’t have my usual Strawberry Daiquiri. If you’re heading there soon, let me know what cocktail you go for, or if you have tried the Virtuous range yet.

Love, Jess


Here are some of the alcoholic cocktails from the Virtuous range.

Almond Mocha – Kahlua, almond butter, raw chocolate powder, almond milk and palm sugar syrup

 Bee’s Knee’s – Beefeater gin, lemon juice, Manuka honey and pollen syrup
Tang Dynasty – Tanqueray, Lillet, Yuzu, tea and egg white
Swedish Death Nettle – Absolut Elyx, nettle cordial, fresh lemon juice, English breakfast tea and soda water
Svenska Detox – Absolut Citron, lime juice, agave syrup, pineapple chunks, spinach and kale

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