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Experience Awesome with Locabo

Locabo stands for Location Based Opportunities, and is the latest app to come to Liverpool. It shares offers from Bars and Restaurants across the city, which helps us guys find the best deals for our day/evening out.

I first heard about Locabo when one of the creators of the app; Connor, reached out to me over Instagram. He wanted to see if I’d be interested in meeting up and hearing more about it. We sat in Cafe Nero for about 2 and a half hours and I just heard good thing, after good thing that the lads behind Locabo want to do with the app.

When you meet a team of people that have determination and imagination for their brand new business, it is hard to not be inspired by it. I really love the idea behind Locabo and think that the app will catch on pretty quickly around the city. So let me tell you a little more about its background and future.

Behind the app are 3 lads, Connor & Lewis from Kirkby, Liverpool who founded the app and Josh from Leeds, who runs the social media. They’re currently working with George from Romania, he’s a student at Liverpool University who has developed the app from scratch.  Their idea for the app is to create spontaneous events to fill restaurants, coffee shops and bars at slower hours of the day and create conversation about their brand.

“We believe in creating experiences and aim to get people excited about independent restaurants, coffee shops and bars.” Locabo

Getting to know the App

The app is now ready to download for FREE from the app store under Locabo UK, with the logo of the hot air balloon. Have you ever been out in town (Liverpool) and your mind has gone blank of ideas for places to eat/drink? It’s happened to me, and I always end up going to my failsafe option.

However, with this app you won’t have this trouble. It’s ideal for those days when you don’t know where to try and it’s perfect if you’re visiting the city for the first time.

Locabo Liverpool

When you register for the app & it opens up it will pick up your location and pin point offers and experiences near to you. You can also scroll across other areas of the city to browse for more offers.

The search and “save for later” options are really cool. If you’ve gone for morning coffee but know you’re heading out for drinks later on but haven’t decided on a venue, you can use the search part of the app. You can search specifically for Happy Hours or Experiences and if you find one you like, hit Save and you’ll receive a notification closer to the time.

Locabo Events

Another great aspect to Locabo is that in order to spread the word about the business they’re using pop up and unique event ideas. The idea is you may end up at a really fun event, and initially not know what it is for, but then you’ll soon learn who are hosting it; Locabo.

Their first launch event was held at Pinch on Castle St, Liverpool. It was a networking evening for bloggers, local businesses and friends of the lads. The event highlighted what Pinch has to offer, great food and cocktails, in an intimate and unique bar. It promoted both Pinch and the app.

Guys, it also involved Prosecco Pong, which I have to admit, I turned out to be ok at; probably because I knew Prosecco was the prize/forfeit. Win win.

Prosecco Pong at Pinch

If you follow them on Instagram, then keep an eye out for the event that is in the planning for November. They’re embarking on a Food Safari around town, which includes experiencing 5 restaurants of different cuisines during the 1 tour. To keep up to date with events make sure you follow their Instagram and download the app. Bringing ideas like this to the city add to the modern buzz and excitement of new experiences.

You Don’t Want To Miss This

So speaking of events of the past and future, how about one for the near present? (If that makes any sense). The innovative duo of Connor and Lewis have set up another pop up event in the city and this one involves PUPPIES. Yes, you heard me correctly, puppies.
They’re teaming up with Guide Dogs UK with the aim to combat September Blues and give the public time to interact with puppies to combat stress. The September Blues are a real thing, it is a part of Seasonal Affective Disorder and can affect the way in which our moods react to the environmental conditions around us. SAD in the UK is very common, as let’s face it we don’t really get much variation from grey skies to rainy days.
 The details you need to know are it is being held this Thursday 28th September from 10am – 2pm, at Constellations (35-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS). The event is FREE to attend, but any money spent at Constellations during 10am – 2pm will be donated to Guide Dogs UK.
“Partnering with and raising awareness for Guide Dogs UK as well as promoting Constellations being dog friendly, was a perfect experience that they are confident the public and everybody involved will love.” Locabo.
Locabo UK

Experience Awesome

If you love Liverpool and keeping up to date with up and coming businesses and events then this is the app for you. Give them a follow and come join the Locabo team on an event to hear and see for yourselves what they’re all about. Keep your eyes peeled for their brand new advert that is launching pretty soon on all social media channels of theirs, you may spot some familiar places.

Pinch Bar Liverpool

If you head to the Guide Dog/Constellations event then please do let me know and tag me in some of your super cute puppie pictures. Let me know how you get on with the app and if you find any great deals through it.

Love, Jessi


*images taken from LocaboUK and Josh Blewitt director of the advert. 



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