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During the week I attended a blogger event at Lush Liverpool. I was so excited for this event as I absolutely love Lush, who doesn’t love their bath bombs, and the way you can smell the shop from a mile away.

The event was to launch the new Halloween range and to raise the profile of Lush’s skin care and Spa facilities.

As we entered the store I received a gift bag that had lots of tester pots in that we could fill with whatever samples of products we liked from around the store, a Spa brochure, a booklet of all the Naked products (products without packaging) Lush sell and the amazing Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar; yes, Sparkly Pumpkin, but more on that later.

This event was also great as I got to mix and mingle with so many local bloggers, and to the bloggers I did get the chance to speak to, thanks for being so lovely.


Thank you Lush for the Pimms (my fave) and for the scones. Such a lovely welcome.

Lush Spa

I actually wonder how many people know that there is a Spa above the shop floor, I didn’t until this evening. We were offered a tour around the Spa and told about some of the treatments they offer up there. In all honesty the moment you go up there you feel so relaxed.


The setting of the Spa is like an old cosy country house, it is designed like this to make you feel at home straight away. We were shown around the treatment rooms and in one of them there was a demonstration of The Validation Facial happening. It was so relaxing watching it and learning about it, that I can only imagine it would be the most relaxing thing ever to actually experience one.

The Validation Facial is all about experiencing how you want your skin to feel after the treatment, so rather than saying it’s dry or oily, you say I want to feel uplifted, relaxed or renewed.

The treatment lasts an hour, and before and after the treatment you’ll have a consultation and time to relax after it has finished, so you’re in the Spa for around 2 hours for just one treatment, which is amazing for us as the customers.

Here are some glimpses in to other treatment rooms within the Spa.


The double massage room. Perfect for a romantic treat, or Spa Day with a friend. 


Yes, that is a bath. You can bathe and relax in this huge bath and then be pampered with a back massage in the adjoining treatment room. 

Lush Skin Care

Lush do a huge range of Skin Care, and the great thing about it is that it’s all natural. The ingredients are all natural and recognisable straight off the label. When I told people about this before this blog their reactions were really interesting.

They all thought that Lush couldn’t all be natural as the products smell too good and the colours of the products are too eye catching. But guess what people, they are!


Lush offer make up removers, cleansers, toners and moisturisers. They all range in price, which depends on where the ingredients are sourced from.

My favourite part of the skin care range are the face masks, they are all made from natural ingredients which is why they are kept on an ice bed in the store. When you get them home you have to keep them in the fridge.

I was most drawn to Rosy Cheeks and Oaty Fix. Rosy Cheeks honestly looks like yogurt and Oaty Fix looks like a breakfast meal, but they’re both great on the skin, one soothes and one exfoliates.


Lush Halloween

It’s arrived, the much awaited Halloween range of products from Lush. They involve the most popular items of the store, Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars.

They’re honestly the most fun looking products, and as if they weren’t fun enough they go and make one of the Bubble Bars sparkly. My favourite was the Pumpkin Bath Bomb, it smells amazing and I can’t wait to fill my bathroom with its scent.


The Sparkly Pumpkin Bar being used. Look at that bubbly orange water.

More bath bombs and bubble bars from around the store also caught my eye. We actually got the chance to make our own bubble bar, our version of the Comforter. Sadly, mine didn’t turn out that Pro looking but it was super fun to try.

Thank you Lush for a fantastic evening. I can’t wait now to see the Christmas range, I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on it for many Christmas Presents.

If you go and check out any of these bits please do let me know which ones you enjoyed the most.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo


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