MACxAlessandra – A Lipstick Lovers Dream



When someone who inspires you releases a lipstick with one of the most iconic make up brands you have to do all you can to get your hands on it. So when I spotted there was a launch event with MAC & Alex Steinherr at Liverpool’s Beauty Bazaar I rushed to grab a ticket.


This year MAC have collaborated with different beauty industry influencers to create limited edition lipsticks and MACxAlessandra is one of them. Alex is the Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine, I have followed her career now for many years and totally swear by her beauty advice, so clearly when a beauty editor creates a lipstick you have high hopes for it.

This event was a few weeks ago now, so here is a little reminisce. It started off with mingling with MAC artists & other guests whilst sipping on Prosecco, we were then ushered in to our seats and Alex and Cher Webb (Senior Artist at MAC) joined us for a Q&A session. Alex chatted so openly and hilariously about life, make-up, dreams and how your gut instinct is always so right. Cher gave us a little masterclass in how the new lipstick suits everyone, and can be paired with so many of MAC’s lip liners. By this time I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the lipstick and to meet Alex.


I always get so nervous before I meet anyone that I admire and look up to, just in case it doesn’t go how I’ve expected it to for so long, but it went so well. Alex was welcoming and friendly, chatting to her for a short time felt like I had met her 10 times before, she was so lovely with my mum too & after all the chats & selfies, she even spoke to my sister on the phone (what a babe, right).




As part of the event we received a make over with MAC & the lipstick. I am wearing the lipstick in all the images in this blog post, so is Alex. You can see how different it looks on the 2 of us, but still looks great. It’s such a versatile & wearable pink nude and you can change it up for any occasion by adding a lip liner with it. Here I am wearing it with Boldly Bare liner, I have also tried it with Dervish liner & I have worn it on its own. I love all ways this lipstick looks and it has quickly become one of my day time go to shades.



It is a lustre finish lipstick and the pigmentation is very good, it lasts a good while and doesn’t feel dry on your lips. I am so glad this is a lustre lipstick as I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the Mattes out there, as I only ever found a few Matte styles to suit me. When I was looking through my lipstick collection I realised that I am definitely a lover of a lustre lip, so this lipstick fits right in with my taste.

I like to only talk about products on my blog that I love and have enjoyed using, and although this is a very new in product to my collection I am already loving it and would recommend it to all you guys. The MACxAlessandra has been sold out for weeks, but it is now back in stock on the Harvey Nichols website, so head there quick & snap it up.


Have any of you ever met someone you look up to? Have you managed to grab any of the MAC Influencer lipsticks? Which are your favourite?

Love, Jess



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