My current sleep saviours!

Hey Guys,

How are we all doing? I hope everyone is really well.

So this post is about 2 products that have been my saviours recently, they’re products that I may never heard of if it wasn’t for the amazing #CarnLIVal event (check out my blog post about it here), so boy am I feeling very fortunate for being able to head to a fabulous bloggers event like that.

So basically, at CarnLIVal we came away with epic goodie bags filled with beauty & food & drink products kindly gifted by different brands, and amongst all the goodies were these 2 gems.


I have completely fallen in love with this Scentered Sleep Well Balm and the Argan 5 Moroccan Rose Night Facial Oil.

So recently I haven’t been sleeping great and I can’t pin point why. It’s usually a number of things that can trigger it off, like when I haven’t been feeling well, when something is playing over and over on my mind, when I have a spate of nightmares or sometimes I am just too much of a light sleeper. It’s for my own personal choices that I don’t like to take anything like night nurse, so night after night I just have to hope it’ll be a good sleep.


BUT, here comes my Sleep Well balm. Now this isn’t a sponsored post & the brand didn’t ask us to blog about this product, but if it has been this effective for me then it may help some of you guys too. The brand is Scentered and they specialise in creating products using the highest quality essential oils so the effects of the balms really do work. The balms are designed to help busy women & men, regain some control over their busy lives, they’re designed so you can carry them around and use them on the go, there’s no leaky aromatherapy oils anywhere, just a small compact balm in your bag.


So what I do is just before I get in to bed, I rub a small amount of the balm on the pulse points on my wrist and neck, and then I lie back with my book and breathe in the lavender scent, after about 10 minutes I am falling sound to sleep. On the nights I don’t use the balm I’m back to my normal routine of it taking ages for me to fall asleep. I am just in love with this product.


Along side this, I have also started to use the Moroccan Rose facial oil by Argan 5. I love using a night time moisturiser as I suffer with dry skin anyways, so not being able to stay hydrated for 8 hours doesn’t exactly help, so the more moisturising the cream or serum the better. This Argan Oil is so refreshing for my skin and I can feel it soaking in nicely, the Argan oils in this product is included to lock in moisture to the skin and to keep it soft and supple. You’re applying an oil so naturally it will initially feel greasy on your skin, but after massaging it in and allowing it to soak in for a little while then your skin will soon look glowing. If you allow yourself a little more time to apply this before you go to bed then once it has soaked in you’ll be able to apply a cream over the top. My skin the next day feels so fresh and hydrated.


This is currently my favourite duo, even more so than ice cream & sunny days, and that is saying something right now.

Scentered do lots of other balms also, I’d be really interested in trying the Stress Less & Focus balms. If you have any more questions about these products, then please do ask me. Have you ever tried anything like these before? If you have any other sleeping tips as well, please do comment below.


Also, the book I’m currently reading is The Girls by Emma Cline. It started off really interesting and has now hit a lull, I’m excited to get back to all the drama though as the plot of the book is really interesting. Anyone read this yet?

Love, Jessi




  1. Beccy Mundy
    June 29, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping too, think I might check these out! Lovely pictures 🙂

    • June 30, 2017 / 1:09 pm

      Thanks lovely! Yes I really recommend the sleeping balm! xx

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