My introduction to Armani Beauty



Armani Beauty is a brand that I have lusted over for some time now. I have followed them on social media for a while and read so many blogs about how good their products are. A few months back I bought my first Armani product which was a lip liner. Other than that I have never tried any other product from Armani Beauty, until now.

Getting to know the brand

A lovely blogger friend of mine, Danielle, has a really good relationship with the girls on the Armani counter in Debenhams Chester. Through this, I was able to attend an exclusive masterclass with them to see the brands new 2017 Cruise collection. As well as to learn more about the brand.

As the masterclass was happening we were sipping cocktails & enjoying cupcakes (so naturally I’m already in heaven). We were told about the brand and the new products and also sampling some of the new Cruise Collection.



Armani products that are a must have!

The products that really stood out to me from this evening were an eyetint in shade Flannel. These apply to your eyelid using what looks like a lipgloss tube and brush. It can be used as a stand alone colour or, blended with powder eyeshadow to create a smoky eye look.

The other product calling out to me was the Luminous Silk foundation. Each brand has its stand out product. YSL has its Touche Eclat, Chanel has Soleil Tan, and Armani has its foundations.

I’d heard about how good they were, so I was really excited to finally try it. After a quick chat about my skin type and how I like my foundation to look, we decided the Luminous Silk foundation would be best for me.

This foundation gives me a medium coverage, and a warm tint to my complexion. I sampled wearing this foundation to my air conditioned office. It withstood the dry air very well.

I would certainly recommend this product to others. I think I’m going to buy this when I head down to London in June, I can’t wait to pop in to the Armani Beauty Box in Covent Garden.



More prosecco & cupcakes! I just can’t say no!

Armani Lip Maestro

Another product that I was so lucky to bring home from the evening was a Lip Maestro in shade 406. First of all I fell completely in love with the colour. It is a deep red with brown tones in it, which is a colour that suits me well with my dark features.

I couldn’t wait to wear it. I wore it out to a meal with friends and it lasted for hours, even after eating a full meal and drinking cocktails. It only had to be topped up once all night.

It applies like a gloss but sets very quickly and looks like a glossy liquid lipstick. I would be really interested in getting another Lip Maestro or even trying one of the Lip Magnets in a light pink shade. Which let’s face it, is my go to colour.



Extra fun with Debenhams

We struck lucky on the night we visited Armani in Debenhams Chester. As Debenhams Beauty had their own event on that we also got involved in.

It was a brilliant event that involved Beauty Bingo. We grabbed our bingo cards and headed round the brands on it to grab some samples & learn more about the products.

We had a go of some £1 lucky dips & then entered a raffle. All the money being raised was for the Look Good Feel Better charity. This charity supports women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment. I’d not actually heard of this charity before but I think what they do is fantastic.


Us girls had a ball going round & playing with all the goodies and 3 of us were actually super lucky enough to win a raffle prize. We were blown away by how amazing the prizes were.

Here’s me looking completely shell shocked over winning an incredible Guerlain Hamper. Thanks Kayleigh for snapping the photo.


I love events like these as you can ask as many questions as you think of. You can trial any products you’ve had your eye on, and grab some samples to have a play with.

I was so happy that Armani actually lived up to my expectations, and I will definitely be returning back to see the lovely girls in Chester for more products.


Have any of you got a favourite Armani product?

Love, Jess





  1. Miss Elizabeth Shannon
    May 3, 2017 / 10:02 am

    I have never actually tried any makeup from Armani! It looks lovely though, may have to give it a go after reading your post! I am giving away over £50 worth of makeup on my blog at the moment if you are interested at all! xox

    • May 3, 2017 / 10:54 am

      Now I have used Armani make up, I don’t know what took me so long. It’s really worth a try, maybe head to your nearest counter and grab some samples! x

      • Miss Elizabeth Shannon
        May 3, 2017 / 10:55 am

        Haha I’ll definitely have to have a look!xx

  2. May 4, 2017 / 10:30 am

    Looks like such a great event. I have some Armani make-up bits and I love them. X

    • May 4, 2017 / 11:01 am

      I can’t wait to get more from them, it was all so good! x

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