Patisserie Valerie – A cake lovers dream.

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I started my Monday off with coffee and cake at Patisserie Valerie in Liverpool. I was so excited to attend this coffee morning with other bloggers, it was a great chance to catch up with these girls, meet Patisserie Valerie HQ staff to learn more about the company and to also taste the fantastic new Limited Edition Madame Valerie cake slice & gateau. This was an event after my own heart.


I was really surprised to hear that Patisserie Valerie was actually established just over 90 years ago, did anyone else know or think this? Madame Valerie moved from Belgium to London to set up her first Patisserie in 1926. Her shops and cafes have now expanded across the UK and there are now over 100 Patisserie Valerie cafes. Girl Power hey!



The Madame Valerie cake slice (of dreams) was actually created by a customer through a competition hosted last year by Superbreak. Patisserie Valerie have launched a new marketing campaign that is drawing on the brands heritage and history and what better way to start than getting customers involved with new products, naming a new cake after the founder and getting bloggers, like myself to share a bit about it.


If this doesn’t get your taste buds flowing I don’t know what will – the cake is layered with chocolate sponge, thin layers of caramel cream, and honeycomb pieces inside, it is topped with caramel icing and a caramel cream filled profiterole. YUM! The Madame Valerie Gateau, which is the full size cake, has all the same filling but it is topped with white chocolate, salted caramel truffles and decorated with chocolate cigarettes.

I’ll just let all that sink in for a moment.

It really is delicious, the chocolate sponge is really light in texture and surprisingly the caramel cream is not too sweet.

Patisserie Valerie cakes, especially this one, are perfect for all occasions. Imagine surprising your friends with a trip here to enjoy this cake slice during a day out. Or surprising a family member with a freshly made full gateau for a birthday. Everyone would be beside themselves with scrumptiousness.

You’ll have to head for this cake soon though as it is limited edition. It will only be in cafe’s until April, that is unless it becomes a best seller.


Facts to note – 

Madame Valerie Slice = £3.95 (eat in)

Madame Valerie Gateau = £32.95 (click to find more details & to order)

4 cakes slices (mix and match) for £10 (To take away) 

A fact I learnt and loved was that all cakes on display in the cafes & those to order, are all handmade. They are made daily and transported to all the different cafes across the UK ready for all lovely customers to enjoy fresh made cakes – that’s why they taste so good. 

Let me now if you are heading to a Patisserie Valerie cafe soon and if you have tried the Madame Valerie slice. Do you have a favourite cake from there?

I hope you have enjoyed this post & all its prettiness (cakes really do make for the best pictures).

Love, Jess


I also just want to add a huge thank you to Emma & Sophie for hosting the morning event.

I was invited to this event and asked to review and cover the product on my blog. All views are completely my own, and this was one event I didn’t want to miss. 


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