Planning For a Cosy Night In – Blogmas Day 12

We all know this time of year can be hard on the purse strings. No matter how good your budget planning goes throughout the year, more and more social dates always pop up in December.

Why is that? Why is it that December turns in to the King of the social calendar. I do love it, as I can see so many of my friends and family. The atmosphere all around is really joyful and exciting. But boy does it make you feel like you’re needing a lottery win more than ever.

I hate to not be able to do things with friends, so this year, rather than going out all the time, we switched it up to having night’s in.

Grab the snacks

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Whoever is hosting the evening can get the nibbles in. Or you can each decide to bring along something different. Sharing foods are always great for get together’s. You can never go wrong with pizza’s, or some kind of fries or wedges.

I love any form of sweety snack. Bowls of Haribo, or chocolatey bites are a winner.

You could even try baking some little bits. Home baking always creates a really welcoming feeling.

Present Swap

If you and your friends have decided to swap gifts, then the night in is the perfect time to do it. Surrounded by your homely festive decorations, you can properly relax on the sofa in your comfies, and enjoy reacting to each others fabulous presents.

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Swapping gifts anywhere is always great, but there’s something about doing it at home that’s more enjoyable. Being able to try on, play with, or put on the gift straight away, makes it all more exciting.

Get Cosy

If you’re in a friend’s house then you never feel like you have to dash home. Well, I don’t anyway. Feeling welcomed and relaxed can be good for yourself, especially at this busy time of year.

The perks of having a winter night in, rather than going out, is you can stay warm, keep your comfies on, and not feel rushed to move from your table reservation.

You can make lovely hot chocolates, put on a Christmas film and just take the chance to chill and chat.

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Plan Your Night In

So, if after all this you want to host a night in, or suggest one with friends, then remember this checklist. You’ll be having the most festive night of December before you know it.

  • Shop before for snacks and drinks. Find out what your friends love to nibble on. Head to your local bargain supermarket (Aldi) and stock up on the delicious but super cheap food.
  • Try baking some festive treats. Little fairy cakes or biscuits are lovely treats to provide.
  • See if you can get some hot chocolate in. You will feel so festive, sipping on your winter warmers surrounded by friends.
  • Pick the perfect Christmas film to play in the background. Choose one you’ve all seen before, so it can just act as festive background noise.
  • Finally, just relax. You and your friends deserve to chill out this time of year. So put your feet up, grab that hot chocolate, and natter the night away.

Are you having any nights in this Christmas? I’d love to hear what you’ve included in yours.




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