Royal Wedding Party Ideas and Preparations

First and foremost, if you’re not a Royal Family fanatic, then this post probably isn’t for you. However, if you want a nose at what I’ll be getting up to at my Royal Wedding Party, then this post is exactly for you. It’s even more for you if you’re planning on hosting your own party to celebrate the big day.

Some of you may be thinking, why am I celebrating the wedding of people I don’t even know. It is quite a strange concept if you think about it. But Royal celebrations have been celebrated by the British public for many years.

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

The Royal family are so accessible to us, their lives are paraded for all to see, yet they’re the most private famous family. We don’t know their true personalities, we don’t know what goes on behind the walls of Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace, we don’t even know their favourite TV show.

This is why myself and many others are so drawn to them. It’s a life only a few have, and have access to, therefore the allure and fascination of it draws us all in.

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

When Kate married William, she was the first “commoner” to marry into the British Royal Family. Kate is far from being a commoner, but still, it was the first real person we got to see marry in to that life. It opened up the Royals to a whole new world of fans.

Now it is Harry’s turn. The public have always had a massive soft spot for Harry. Deep down we’ve all been routing for him to find happiness. No one suspected that he would find it with a mixed race, American, actress, divorcee. But I am SO glad he did. By just falling in love, he has made history.

Harry is still close enough in line to the thrown that he must ask permission from The Queen regarding who he wants to marry. Many years ago, The Queen was forced to deny her own sister from marrying the man she loved, due to him being a divorced man. King Edward VIII had to abdicate the thrown if he was to marry his divorced, American fiancé. So our wonderful Queen Elizabeth has further moved with the times to allow these nuptials to happen. Hurrah!

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

But Meghan is so much more then these labels. She’s a powerhouse of a woman, that has campaigned for women’s rights and representation in the world, headed up charity movements, and become one of the leads in one of the biggest shows in the USA.

Not only do the Brits love a Royal occasion, but so do the American’s. So this wedding is going to have one heck of a celebration thrown for it all over the world.

If you’re looking to get involved, to raise a glass to Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle, then here are some ideas to help you on your way.

The Details

No-one can come if they don’t know the details. So first of all, set the date. Thankfully Meghan and Harry chose this for us, so if you’re celebrating them on their official big day, it is Saturday 19th May.

Next up, select your location. Seeing as we can’t all bob along to Windsor Castle, a living room, garden, or a community hall will work well.

Choose your timings well. The wedding begins at 12pm, with lots of build up TV coverage. I’ve asked my guests to have arrived by 11.30am, this way we can have a natter, get our drinks ready, grab a good seat and fix our hats.

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.


A great party always has great decorations. Royalty themed decorations are always easy to find, especially when a big occasion is coming up.

Ebay is the best place to shop around. Try searching for Royal Party decorations and I’m sure a whole plethora of party pieces will come up.

If you want to support the Royals one step further, you could browse the Party Pieces website, which is owned by Carol and Michael Middleton. There are a few party gems on there which will have you set for the big day.

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

The Food

Party food is always tricky to decide upon. Setting yourself a theme might be a good idea to help in the food preparations. I am going with an afternoon tea theme. We’ll be getting sandwiches, home made scones, cakes, and of course biscuits, to go with our cups of (Pimms) tea.

The biscuits I have for my party are my favourite part about hosting this. I know my guests are going to be blown away by them. They are from the Biscuiteers website, and are limited edition for this occasion. They have created the most beautiful Royal Wedding collection.

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

Along with the amazing collectors biscuit tin, the Biscuiteers have also made individual biscuits to mark the occasion. I love the Meghan and Harry shaped ones. A great party favour would be to treat your guests with one of their Best Of British collection biscuits, or the champagne biscuit.

The great thing about these biscuits is how they last. You could order now for instance, keep them packaged up, and they’d still be great for the party.

You can also delay the date of your delivery depending on when you need them. Therefore you could browse and buy from the site today, and on checkout select the date you’d like them to be delivered.


No party would be complete without hosting a few games for your guests. With it being a busy day anyway, and not wanting to detract too much from the TV coverage, just plan a simple few.

I have put together a few short quizzes. One is Royal Wedding themed, made up of questions about what Royal married who, and wedding dress designers. The other is about what happened in the years Meghan and Harry were both born.

My favourite game we will be playing though is Who Am I? To play this you only need some Post It notes, or just some paper and sellotape (be careful sticking this to your forehead). Write down on each players paper a name or thing to do with the Royal Family.

To make it more fun, throw in a couple of hard ones, like A Corgi, The Crown Jewels, and Prince Louis (he’s still very new, so people might not guess him).

Royal Wedding Party. Royal Wedding. Meghan and Harry. Party Planning. Lifestyle Blog.

Once you’ve done all of this, your party will be rivalling that of the newlyweds. I love planning parties, and thinking of all the ideas for it. I will be in my element on the day. With a Pimms in hand, and cups of tea around the place, along with all the biscuits, I’ll be happy to sit back and enjoy the momentous day.

I’d love to hear if you are planning a Royal Wedding Party. What have you got planned for yours? Will you be using any of these ideas? Look out for my party coverage on my instagram and twitter, and message me with yours too.

Have you enjoyed my party planning post? I hope so.

Have a wonderful day,

Jessi xoxo

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