Taking some “Me Time”.

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Constantly On The Go – But Why?

The last couple of weeks for me have been pretty up and down, and very busy. So much has been happening that by the time I’ve got in to bed I feel like I’ve been dragged from pillar to post. That’s what got me thinking about relaxation.

How often do we say to other people “go home and have a nice hot bubble bath” or “go home, pop your feet up and put your fave movie on”. But how often do we say this to ourselves? It always sounds so lovely in my head that I’ll get in from work, put my pj’s on, plonk on the couch, and watch a film or read a book.

In reality I don’t end up sitting down properly till around 9/9.30pm, and really by that time we should of already begun winding down and relaxing.

Now I’m talking from a no child home, I do have my husband, who sometimes is like living with a child, but still, I don’t have kids running rings round me. That doesn’t mean my life is any less busy though!

In fact, sometimes I wonder how a child would fit in to my life! My friends will tell you that I am always doing something, here there and everywhere, and I love that! But my family will tell you that I often need to slow down, as they are the ones to see me very worn out. But how do we get the balance right?


Me Time & Slowing Down

I believe that at least once a month, everyone should take an hour or two out of their busy schedules to be totally selfish and have some solid ME time. That really doesn’t sound much does it, 2 hours out of the 730 in a month. So, how many of us actually do that? Not many I imagine.


At the start of this month I booked in for a facial and a hot stone massage at ESPA in the Beauty Bazaar in L1 (Liverpool One shopping area, for those not from Liverpool). It was honestly the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had.

Overall I was there for about 2 hours, as at the end of my treatment I could go and redeem the cost of my treatments on products of my choice (great idea).

The ESPA treatment rooms were introduced to me on an event night held by them at the Beauty Bazaar. The event was all about Aromatherapy and introducing the new Hot Stone treatments. It was an interesting and fun night.

We got to make our own body oil from the ingredients we were drawn to the most through their scent. We looked round the treatment rooms in the spa area and see what they had to offer.

ESPA Relaxation

I was so glad I booked in for my treatment as it showed me how when I think I’m relaxing at home, I’m just not. It’s not the same as totally relaxing your mind and body to the point where you could fall asleep.

So not only did my Skin feel amazing afterwards, my mind did too! I was in a good mood, and slept brilliantly that night too.

Relaxing yourself doesn’t have to be at a salon or Spa, you can try it at home by just lighting some candles and relaxing on your bed or couch with some lovely music playing.

I know people will say “oh I just don’t have the time”, but trust me You Do, and You Must! Start to look after yourself as much as you look after others, because remember you’re totally worth it!



Jess xoxo

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