The £1 Present Challenge – Blogmas Day 13

We all know Christmas can be the most expensive time of year. It’s not just the presents that add up, it’s the night’s out and cravings for Christmas coffee too.

This year in order to take stress away and add a little fun in to present shopping, I suggested to some friends and family that we do a £1 present challenge. This present would be the main and only gift we swap. So, the challenge is well and truly on to find the best or funniest gift, for a quid.

Where to start

There are so many shops that sell little bits for £1. You can search the sales for jewellery bits, Primark is always great for this. You can buy a pack of chocolate bites for the sweety lover, I always love these for £1. Or you can head to Poundland or Poundworld and shop from the obvious place to find a £1 gift.

For my presents I headed to Poundland. I actually love mooching round and trying to spot bits and pieces that look like they’re worth more than the chosen price limit. I think I actually found a good few bits, and really enjoyed shopping for them, my purse strings did too. So here are a few ideas for you, in case you want to take up the challenge too.

Baking Lovers

Pastel coloured baking tools. Poundland.

The Pound shop has a great range of baking products. From utensils to mixing bowls. When I went I spotted these gorgeous pastel coloured bowls I knew they were a great idea for a gift.

I’m sure each of us have friends or family that love to bake.

I actually picked up one of the pink bowls that you can see in the background. With it being such a bargain, this is definitely my style of “one for you, one for me” presents.

Beauty Lovers

The pound shop has many beauty products, from make up, to brushes. I’m not overly into the make up from here, so I wouldn’t gift it to others. However, the nail varnishes are a different story.

There are so many different colours on offer. You can get nude colours, pastel colours and even really festive ones with glitter.

DVD and Book Lovers

It is amazing how the Pound store sells books and DVD’s for just £1. The giveaway is in the name of the shop I know, but still, when else can you get books and DVD’s that cheap. You can get cook books, Disney children books, autobiography’s, and fictional books. The variation of DVD’s is great too, chick flicks, thrillers and live comedy shows.

Odds and Ends that are too good to leave behind

There are certain household items around the store that I needed to group together. They’re items that you don’t know you need in your life until you see them. This is what the pound store does to me.

As you can see here, you can grab selfie sticks, slate heart signs, quirky photo string banners and copper ornaments.

Poundland bits and bobs.

Yes, that is my blogger style flay lay, on the floor of Poundland!

The little ornament is the cutest thing ever. It’s also perfect for teachers this kind of year, as a little thank you. The slate heart is fantastic for use at home, but also if you’re hosting a party or wedding soon, they make great photo props. If you know someone hosting these, this would be perfect. As would the selfie stick to capture those moments.

I also have to mention these amazing foil balloons. They would be amazing for Birthdays, or just photo props for us bloggers. Either way, a total bargain!

Foil Balloons. UK Blogger. Christmas Gift Ideas.

Have I managed to convince you to go for a browse in the pound shop? I hope so. Don’t forget as well guys, that the store also sells lots of funny things too, so if you’re looking for a jokey gift, then you must try here.

Love, Jessi



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