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On Saturday I had the most lovely morning at The Body Shop, Birkenhead. It was a special Bloggers Morning to have a look at the new products, and learn about any others that interested us. This was another great event that I had heard about through the Liverpool Bloggers network.

I have linked the network site here, it’s honestly worth joining if you’re just starting out in your blog, wanting to meet other bloggers, or develop more relationships with brands. I think the network has now disbanded, for any questions on events/tips/local bloggers, just message me & i’ll try and help!

But now, back to The Body Shop. I was actually so excited for this event as I love The Body Shop, I have shopped there for years and have bought so many products from different ranges of theirs. Before the event, the lovely Sarah from the store asked us what part of the shop we were most interested in – Skin Care, Make Up or Spa/Body Products, I just couldn’t decide so I said all of them, and I’m going to tell you about all of them now.

Look at this gorgeous welcome we got too, thanks to the lovely staff.

The Body Shop Skincare

The first station to learn about was Skin Care, this involved the Oils of Life range and the newly launched Face Masks. I was really excited about these as at the beginning of August I was invited to a Body Shop at Home party. The host was explaining about the new face masks that were launching at the end of August, so I finally got my hands on some.


The Oils of Life range is designed to suit all skin types. It is made up of revitalising facial oils designed to massage in to the skin after cleansing. Plus a fantastic illuminating eye cream that really does highlight the under eye area.

There are two types of face moisturisers, one that is cream based and one that is gel based. Then there is the beautiful sleeping cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin whilst you get your beauty sleep, literally.

Some of the girls got an Oils of Life facial and it looked so relaxing and their skin looked fantastic after it.


Face Mask Lover

Now for the face masks, and I was so excited to hear about the British Rose Plumping mask, especially as I’m kind of obsessed with Rose scented products. The masks focus on different things that your skin can be craving for.

My favourite masks are the Himalayan Charcoal, this draws out impurities and leaves the skin glowing, and the Rose Plumping mask did not disappoint. This leaves the skin moisturised and dewy, perfect for dry and tired skin.

These 2 masks also work great together for multi masking – have you tried this yet, using 2 masks at once? Use the Himalayan Charcoal on your T Zone area, and the Rose Plumping mask around your cheeks and forehead.


My next purchase will be the Face Mask Brush – how have I never used one before. It saves on messy hands and wasting too much mask.

Body Shop Spa

Next we checked out the Spa range, and totally drooled over the amazing body scrubs and lotions we got to try out.

If you’re interested in any of these products when you see them in the store, you can ask the staff about them and depending on how you are feeling or want to feel they can point you in the right direction of the best products for you.


I really liked the Mediterranean Sea Salt scrub. It is a harsher scrub but it leaves your skin feeling so clean and smooth, so using this on your legs would make them dreamy.

Following up from the scrub, we tried the Hawaiian Kukui Cream, this smells incredible and massages in to your skin so well. These pots of scrubs and body butters range between £20-£23 but the pots are huge and would last you for months. I know I don’t get round to pampering myself that much, so these pots could last me for at least a year.

I also have to mention the candles from this Spa range too as they smell incredible, they burn for up to 34 hours and really do fill the room with the lovely scent.

Hand massage time with the Spa products. So relaxing. 

Make Up Time

Now although I didn’t get a full make over with the Body Shop’s make up range, I did have a good look through it all and I noticed products that I have had in the past and been so made up with.

The products that stood out to me were their makeup brushes and the new matte liquid lip. The make up brushes are super soft, they’re all synthetic hair because as you know their ethos is using all natural products, they have nothing to do with animal testing or using animal hair.


Look at these Matte Liquid Lips though!! WOW! Trying these would be my first time trying a matte liquid lip so I was pretty excited – as I’m sure you all know my love of lipsticks! They are brand new to The Body Shop and have been flying off the shelves.



I knew I was going to buy one of these after seeing them all, so as it was my first Matte Lip I kind of played it safe and went to a nude/pink blended colour. I’m  always opting for a pink lip so I wanted something a little more neutral toned to wear of a day time.

The perfect shade of this for me was Nairobi Camellia (3rd from left in top pic). Here’s me loving it and I didn’t actually get a swatch of this one on me, or a selfie, oops, but I did swatch some others.


I couldn’t end this blog without mentioning and showing you some of my favourite parts of the store and my favourite products.


Beautiful gifts set that are amazing value! 


The wall of incredible smelling body butters, shower gels, hand creams, and other delights.


My absolute favourite smelling product from the whole store. This Satsuma scent honestly makes me SO happy. 


The Pinita Colada range. Yes, that’s right, party time at pamper time.

Just want to say a big thank you to The Body Shop for having me, and thank you so much for our goody bag of samples.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog guys, I hope it comes through how fab the products are and how much we enjoyed our time there. Let me know if you like more blogs like this of a full review, and don’t forget to hit Follow to always receive my blogs straight away.

I’m now off to pamper myself.

Love, Jess





  1. Suz Dunbar
    October 7, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    Used to love the body shop as a kid especially all the fruit bubble baths and tester perfumes in glass jars they used to have.

    Did not realise they did make up and adore the lip colour you have on your Instagram today so will definitely be going in to take a peek next time I’m in town

    • October 16, 2016 / 5:54 pm

      It’s really come in to its own as a store now. I used to love it as a kid too but now love it even more than then! There are some amazing products, hope you got something fab xx

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