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I’m going to share with you some of the latest launches to land in The Body Shop. The girls at The Body Shop in Liverpool One always have wonderful opportunities for local bloggers and loyal customers to the store. If there is a promotion in store or a new product on sale then they’ll be in touch to invite you to try them out and spread the word.

The Body Shop Liverpool One Blogger Event

If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll know I am a lover of The Body Shop and have been to a few of their events and featured their products in many a post.

This time round I was excited to see the new products as they involved a lot of skincare, and I am a sucker for skincare.

Time for Masking

Japanese Matcha Tea Face Mask

The Body Shop are quite famous for their face masks now, I think their masks are overtaking their famous body butters. One of the new masks in to the collection is the Japanese Matcha Tea mask; a pollution clearing mask. For us that live in busy cities we are more prone to absorbing more pollution in to our skin, so cosmetic companies are now releasing products that can delay the signs of ageing pollution can cause.

We can’t see the effects pollution has on our skin right away, as the dirt sits below the level of skin that we can see, so the idea of this mask is that it draws out all the impurities. You can use this mask 2-3 times a week, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes each time. When removing, use warm water and rinse from your face in a circular motion, this will help you exfoliate at the same time.

Another mask The Body Shop have introduced is the Tea Tree Night Mask. Tea Tree is great for oily skin and treating imperfections on your skin. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or are having a rubbish skin time, then tea tree will probably be your saviour. This mask has a really cool consistency, on my first reaction I described it as Flubber, and I’m not far off as it is made from refreshing memory gel.

You apply this mask of an evening before you go to bed, after you have cleansed your skin, and wash off of a morning to reveal clearer looking skin.

Toner Time

I am such a toner fan, I use a toner after every time I cleanse my face, so I was very excited when I saw there were two new toners in the Body Shop collection. I already have the British Rose face mask so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the British Rose toner. It is meant to be super hydrating which is perfect for my dehydrated skin.

British Rose Toner, The Body Shop

First Impressions – I actually bought this toner and have been using it for the last 2 weeks. I love the feel of it on my skin. It is soothing and calms the redness I can get after washing with warm water, and it leaves my skin glowing. I am hoping that if I head back to the store and have a go of the machine that checks your skins hydration levels, mine will of improved.

I’d recommend buying this product if you have sensitive or dehydrated skin.

The second toner to be released is the Chinese Ginseng and Rice toner. This is also named after one of The Body Shop’s best selling face masks. This toner has a very fresh feel to it, it smells very fresh and due to the milk like consistency is cooling on the skin. This is more of a creamy like formula compared to the gel texture of the Rose toner.

This is a 100% vegan product and is recommend to those who want a brighter looking complexion. With both toners apply a blackberry sized amount to a cotton pad and in circular motions apply to your cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area.

Chinese Ginseng and Rice Toner.

Spa of the World

Spa of the World is a collection that allows you to fully pamper yourself at home. It has everything from body scrubs, to massage oils. Up until now the spa products have been in large tubs that are definitely worth investing in as they’ll last a while. However, I think The Body Shop have listened to consumer feedback, as they’ve now released Spa Mini’s. These are perfect for travelling so you can keep up with your pamper routine on the go.

Spa Mini's from The Body Shop


If you are after a larger sized new spa product then brand new scents of scrubs, lotions and oils have also been released. The French Grape Seed scrub was my favourite out of the new launches. It smells incredibly fresh and the scrub feels refreshing on your skin, not harsh at all. After you have used a scrub I would recommend massaging in the new Thai Makrut Lime firming oil. Massage this in to your skin in circular motions until all the oil is absorbed.

To finish off your pamper and to have longer lasting smooth skin, apply a small amount of body cream to finish. The new Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream is lovely and smooth and absorbs in to your skin pretty quickly. Don’t be put off by the name, this has no scent of coffee to it, rather the coffee is used for its stimulating properties, which helps to firm the skin.

Spa of the World, The Body Shop

Make Up Time

Over the last few months I have become a big fan of make up from The Body Shop. They are creating natural based products that are rivaling higher end brands. With being a make up lover, of course I’m not trading in and sticking with one brand, I love a growing collection too much, but if you’re thinking of trying Body Shop make up, then I highly recommend certain products.

New to the collection is the Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator. This is an illuminating product and helps you create a dewy glowing look.

First Impressions – I bought this product and have enjoyed using it. I have mixed it with my foundations to create a dewy finish and I have also mixed it with my moisturiser to act as a primer. You can see this shining through your foundation and gives you that extra highlight, which we all love.

Drops of Glow, illuminating make up

A new vegan foundation has also been released. This is a matte clay foundation and is designed to give you a full coverage. I have very dehydrated skin, so I often avoid matte foundations, but I wanted to give this a go.

First Impressions – If I am being honest, which I always strive to be, then I am torn on this product. Initially when it was applied to my skin on the evening of the event I loved it. The colour matched my skin tone and it applied well without any moisturiser or primer.

Since bringing it home and trying it for myself, I have discovered that this is the trick to applying it well. This foundation doesn’t suit my skin when I use my normal make up routine of serum, moisturiser, and primer. It takes to my skin much better over a thin layer of only moisturiser. Because of this, I don’t know if I am going to be reaching for this product all the while.

I’d recommend normal-combination skin types use this foundation, as opposed to oily and dehydrated skin.

New matte clay foundation from The Body Shop

You’ll have to let me know if you go check out any of these new releases. It’s worth popping in to your nearest Body Shop store, as if it’s like Liverpool One then they’ll offer you complimentary services to try the products. I can highly recommend getting an arm massage. Have any of these caught your eye?

Love, Jessi



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