The Launch of the Tank Room, Liverpool.

I love checking out new places that open up in the city, as you can tell by my City Life section on the blog. Recently I went to the launch of the Tank Room. The latest addition to the Cains Brewery Village.

Tank Room Launch, Liverpool

Cains Brewery Village

If you’re a fan of the Liverpool eatery scene then you’ll know doubt have visited the Cains Brewery Village and the Baltic Triangle. That end of town, at the end of Jamaica Street, has turned in to a hub of independent businesses bringing their own unique stamp on the city.

I hadn’t ventured to the Cains Brewery Village before, or even the Baltic Market before the other week. So when the invite to the launch of the Tank Room came through, I was excited to head there.

If you haven’t been to the Cains Brewery Village before then you’re in for a treat. Not only has it got this great bar located there, but it is a hub of vintage and antique stores, eateries and other wine/cocktail bars.

Tank Room Beer.

Tank Room

The Tank Room has been opened by brothers Joseph and John-Paul Sinclair. This is their first bar venture together, and with its fantastic location, they’re hoping for great success, naturally.

The bar aptly named Tank Room, has been opened in the old tank fermentation room of Cains Brewery. This is a great nod to the heritage of the building it’s set up in.

Chatting to Joe on the night, he told us how he’s been around the bar industry for a while now. His Dad owns the Peaky Blinders bar on Lord Street, Southport. He’d wanted to open his own place for a while, and when this location became available, he knew it would make the perfect spot.

Tank Room, Liverpool

Get the Beers In

Positioned high above the bar are the beer tanks. The beer comes straight from here, and according to my husband and many friends I was with on the evening, it was so fresh. The house beer is Krusovice, a Czech beer, so if you like your Pilsner lager, you’ll love this.

The bar also serves various lagers, ciders, wine and prosecco. I tried out the Orchard Thieves Cider and loved it.

Krusovice. Tank Room.

Music and Drinks, the perfect combo

Not only does the bar serve up great drinks, but it also supports local music. There will be regular nights of live music on here. On the launch weekend they had Tom Williams from Red Rum Club playing a mix of songs. The Saturday night saw customers be entertained by Paul Duffy, a member of local band, The Coral.

I absolutely love listening to live music. Especially when I’m sat with a good drink and great company.

Chilling with Craig, Allie and Lauren. 

Get Yourself Down There

Get Tanked. Tank Room.

I’ll definitely be heading back to the Tank Room. I loved the atmosphere in the bar, it was really laid back and offered a great place to catch up with friends. Plus, and I have to mention this, as a decor lover, the style of the bar is quirky but modern. Although it has an industrial feel to it, it still feels welcoming.

If you’re looking for its location, then as you head into the Brewery Village, and the Baltic Market is on your right, head over to Dockleaf on the left, and just after here, continue to the left, through the metal gates, and you’ll spot Tank Room.  Give them a follow on Instagram to keep up to date with what’s going on there.

Have you been here yet? What are some of your favourite bars around this area of town?

Love, Jessi


Krusovice. Tank Room, Liverpool

*I was invited to the launch of this bar. All views and images are my own.


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  1. November 28, 2017 / 7:49 am

    This is most certainly a place I need to check out, looks fabulous! I hear they have a pretty decent gin selection too hehe!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

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