The Nanshy Stippling Brush Review

It really is true when they say a workman is only as good as his tools, and when you’re applying make up, your tools are your brushes. If you have ever invested in a cheap brush that feels harsh on your skin, and sheds hair like a cat in the summer, then you’ll know that your makeup doesn’t go on how you’ve imagined it to.

There are so many factors to getting flawless makeup, a good skincare routine helps, foundation that suits your skin type is essential and having an excellent brush to apply it is key. This is where Nanshy comes in. I first heard of Nanshy at the British Style Collective this summer, I attended one of their expert talks and got to know a few make up tips that I hadn’t heard before, this is when I heard about the stippling brush.

Nanshy at The British Style Collective

New brush, new technique.

What I usually use to apply my foundation is a flat brush, I use either one from Avon or one from The Body Shop. I do love using them both but I really liked the sound of what a stippling brush does with your foundation. The idea behind the brush is that it can be used as a foundation brush or a finishing brush. When using it as a foundation brush I found that it creates a much more dewy look than applying my foundation with a flat brush. When I first used it, and I saw the final result, there was a genuine gasp. I was amazed at how changing up your style of brush can create a whole new look.

Nanshy Stippling Brush Review

The Dewy Finish

I have dry skin, so buying matte foundations is a no go for me. Although I like medium/full coverage from my foundation I still like to buy a liquid that is more water based. However, sometimes on a bad skin day, regardless of the foundation, my flat brushes just aren’t achieving the look I want. This is where the stippling brush comes in.

I apply a small amount of foundation to the back of my hand, then I either go straight in and dab this on my stippling brush, or I take a blob from it and put the blob (no other technical word would describe this better) on both cheeks, my forehead and chin, and start blending from there.

I use the brush in circular motions, covering all my face. This movement buffers in the foundation, rather than painting it on, which in turn creates a sleeker finish. By buffering it in, it somehow creates a dewy look as the lighter motion doesn’t take the shine away from the product. I have also found that I don’t need as much product when using my stippling brush, as it spreads my foundation better.

Nanshy Stippling Brush Review

Get It, Regret It

I was so glad I discovered Nanshy at the British Style Collective, for 2 reasons. 1, to actually listen to some fabulous make up tips, and 2, to discover what a stippling brush was. I know, self confessed beauty blogger over here didn’t know what a stippling brush was. But that’s why I wanted to write this post to share with other beauty lovers that may not know what one is, and are continually struggling to achieve the make up looks they want.

If you’re after the dewy look, then I’d certainly consider investing in one of these brushes. You can get the Nanshy brush for £8.95, I have linked it above, or keep your eyes peeled for one from another brand.

If you do pick one up and start using it, I’d love to hear the results that you’re getting from it, and if you love it as much as I love mine.

I’d also love to hear if you have enjoyed this style of blog, a review of a beauty tool. Always come and have a chat with me in the comments, or on my socials, twitter or instagram.

Love, Jessi



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