The Skinny Bakery Review – A breakfast treat

Every once in a while I love a cheat day. I never deprive myself of sweets and chocolate as it is, but I try my best to not indulge too much each day.

That is until me & Ste want a really indulgent day, and we did that recently with lots of treats from The Skinny Bakery.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

The Skinny Bakery

The Skinny Bakery was founded in 2013, by Mariella Forte. With the business only being 5 years old, it is already well known and established with a very good social following and loyal customers.

Mariella is an avid home baker, which is where her passion for creating her own business came from. She says that she was inspired by Skinny Latte’s and the science behind baking. Due to this amazing inspiration she has experimented with ingredients, and flavours, to bring us delicious treats but with half the calories.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

Their Following

When The Skinny Bakery contacted me I was so surprised, and definitely jumped off the couch in excitement. They have a brilliant following on instagram. When I put up my delivery on my instagram stories, a few people wrote to me. I was really surprised to see how many of my followers had ordered from the bakery before.

I had lots of messages telling me which items were the tastiest. Plus, people telling me they had ordered from them since they discovered them a few years ago. So OG Skinny Bakery fans right there.

Our Delivery

Our delivery was made up of the Pic ‘N’ Mix 8 gift set. There were gingerbread men, meringue cookies, red velvet pearls, chocolate pearls, and carrot cake bites. All of them come packaged individually and are made to order.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

Meringue Cookies – only 141 calories per pack. Suitable for vegetarians.

They use the freshest ingredients and advise to store your sponge treats in the fridge. For the best taste, I’d eat them within a view days of them arriving. Especially the sponge based snacks.

I am a massive Red Velvet lover, but as you know it is super high in all the things that aren’t good for us. The Skinny Bakery have created delicious red velvet bites made from beetroot and quark. I could barely taste the difference between these and red velvet cake made from chocolate.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

Red Velvet Pearls – 169 Calories per pack. Can confirm they’re delicious. Suitable for vegetarians.

The gingerbread biscuits were my favourite. They weren’t too hard, or too soft. Just right. Plus, there’s only 109 calories in a 30g pack. I can see myself ordering lots of these to have in my handbag as a snack.

Ste loved the Carrot Pearls, they’re only 194 calories per pack. They’re made up of real carrot, low fat yougurt, quark and soft cheese.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

The gingerbread biscuits didn’t last long around me. The Chocolate Pearls are equally delicious, as the Carrot Pearls.

The Guilt Free Cheat Day Treat

All of these bites together made for the perfect cheat day. We had them all in the one day (excessive I know), but I think if I were to order more, I’d split my treats out through my week.

I’d love having these in my lunch at work. I think as well they’d make great treats at a party. With lots of the items being vegetarian friendly, and relatively guilt free, party guests will be spoilt for choice.

If you check out their website, and socials, you can keep up to date with their new added recipes. They have gluten free, and dairy free options. You can also subscribe to regular weekly and monthly deliveries, at regular discounted prices.

The Skinny Bakery. Baking Lovers. Baked Goods. Baking Treats. Lifestyle Blog.

I will definitely be ordering from these guys in the future, and I’m pretty sure Ste will be happy about that too.

I’d love to know if any of you reading this have tried The Skinny Bakery before? Will you be trying them after seeing this? What sweet treats take your fancy?


*these products were gifted by The Skinny Bakery. All views and images are my own and honest. They’re seriously delicious.



  1. May 14, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    Could these look any more moorish?? I have a friend on slimming world who swears by Skinny Bakery for her treats, she can’t stop telling me how tasty they are but I wish she’d save me one to try haha! Those red velvet pearls are seriously making my mouth water!

    Saloca in Wonderland

    • jessiloublog
      May 22, 2018 / 2:56 pm

      That’s so good to hear about your friend! They are really good, and use such healthy alternatives to get the calorie count down! They make for the perfect snack! x

  2. May 21, 2018 / 2:50 pm

    My stomach is literally growling reading your post! I’m trying really hard at the moment to lose my baby weight but sweets are just something I cannot give up. I definitely need to look up Skinny Bakery and put an order in – especially for those gingerbread men!

    Jackie O xo

    • jessiloublog
      May 22, 2018 / 2:58 pm

      We are all addicted to sugar! It’s crazy! But it’s one habit I don’t really want to kick, so finding healthier sugary snacks like these is the best! x

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