The verdict on my Beauty Advent Calendar.

Are Beauty Advents worth it?    I’m going to make my mind up in my chatty review blog below. Stick with me and let me know what you think at the end.

I know we are in February now and spring is in sight, so don’t panic, I’m not writing a Christmas post, but I did want to review all the fantastic products I got in my beauty advent calendar. It was the first time I had opened a beauty advent and within the first couple of days I was loving it and knew I wanted one for the following year already.


I had a few people asking me if it was worth it, as the beauty advent I had retailed at £60 from The Body Shop, which does seem a bit pricey, however it was totally worth it as the products you get inside are proper sized products from the company. No sample sizes in sight. The smaller bottles are the size of those you get in the gift sets from The Body Shop, but the other products are all full size products, whether they are make up brushes, lip butters and even a full size body butter.

So here is what was in my calendar…

Shower Gel – 3 fantastic scents from 3 different ranges. The Spiced Apple is the Christmas scent, British Rose is my favourite Body Shop range and the Polynesian Island Tiare is so fresh, that it surprised me that I hadn’t checked out this range before.


Body lotions – The Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries were a part of the festive range and Mango is one of the Body Shop’s classic scents. I like to use body lotions, as for me they sink in to my skin faster than a body butter, so they are perfect when I am getting ready in a hurry.


Skincare – The advent calendar had a fantastic range of skincare in it as a lovely surprise. The Oils of Life range is one of The Body Shop’s highest priced products and is very much a luxury item, so I was so pleased to have opened a pot of the sleeping cream, your skin loses hydration throughout the night, but not when you are wearing this. The eye makeup remover is very soft, hydrating and kind to skin with natural camomile ingredients. The Vitamin E moisturiser is my favourite out of all the skincare I opened as I suffer from sensitive skin on my face, and this cream helps my skin a lot by reducing redness and blemishes after washing.


Lip and Body Butter – The Body Shop is probably most well known for its body butters, and most of all its Strawberry Body Butter. The strawberry is one of those classic scents that really takes me back to when I was a teenager and spending my small weekly wages on a Nando’s, H&M slogan T’s and Body Shop body butters. Even though they remind me of my teen years, the quality of them is still just as good and hydrating. The lip butters are also vital for me at this time of year, as the winter months always leave me with dry lips.



Hand and Nail care – Whatever handbag I am using I always make sure I have a hand cream packed in there and it usually is a Body Shop lotion, I’m currently using a Mango one and I can’t wait for me to use it all up so I can start on the Pink Grapefruit. This nail colour is perfect for summer, and you can prime your nails to perfection with the nail file.


Make Up – Before Christmas, I was actually in need of a new kohl liner and I’m glad I didn’t go buy one as I soon opened this new one. It applies smoothly, just like the lip pencil also. The lip pencil matches really well with my liquid lipstick that I have already from the Body Shop. And who doesn’t need more brushes, I’m always looking to expand my collection, and this brow brush and eyeshadow brush will definitely come in handy.



Beauty bits & bobs – A beauty lovers collection wouldn’t be complete without all the oddments that we need to make up our collections. Tweezers, lash curlers and a sharpener are beauty essentials, and I personally use a bath lily (body scrubber, shower sponge – what do you all call them?) every day in the shower.


Every product I opened has been included here, and I think it looks like a pretty good collection. I am travelling a few times this year and these products are perfect to take away with me. I am a fan of the Body Shop already, and this calendar made me even more so. I already can’t wait for next years one.

Did you have a beauty advent last year? Which brands calendar were you lusting after? I wonder if I’ve managed to persuade anyone to get one for this year.

Speak soon,





  1. February 22, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    I really enjoyed this Jess! I got the Aldi skincare and had been wondering whether to review the contents, even though it’s Feb. H x

    • February 23, 2017 / 11:08 am

      Thanks Hayley! You definitely should review it, as I didn’t know Aldi did one for skincare so I’m sure lots of people would love to know about it, including me! xx

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