Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder – The second collection

Around this time last year one of the biggest beauty collaborations between a fashion designer and household beauty name was released. Everyone knew the Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder collection was launching but couldn’t anticipate how brilliant it was going to be. The first collection introduced us to the 10 hero products, my favourites being Morning Aura and Modern Mercury Highlighter, and this collection includes them as well as 18 newbies.

Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder - The New York Look

The New Collection

This collection is the second big launch for Victoria with Estee Lauder. The first was meant to be limited edition, but was so successful that it turned this collaboration in to a long standing arrangement. In February of this year, I had the chance to try out the mini launch of some new pieces to the VBxEstee line, however this time round they showcased a full new collection.

The lovely team at the Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols invited me in to try out the collection and share what I loved from it. The Beauty Bazaar are once again the only place in the city to sell collection, and it sells pretty fast. Whilst I was getting my make over there was a constant stream of customers coming to check out the make up and purchase their favourite items.

I went for the New York look, one because it’s one of my favourite cities, and two I wanted to be daring and try the eye shadow colours that I wouldn’t usually go for. The VB Estee Lauder collection holds 5 different looks that are all based on Victoria’s favourite cities – London, Paris, LA, Miami and New York. Her original (hero) products and new launches have been grouped together to create these signature looks, and they can be bought in these capsule collections.

The full VBxEsteeLauder collection.

The Face Base

The products used in my make over were the Morning Aura, which was applied as a primer to create a glowing dewy complexion. The Estee Lauder new Fresh Nude Double Wear foundation. It is a new take on the classic Double Wear, it adds freshness due adding the aqua ingredient, which is a lot lighter on your skin, but still offers great coverage.

Morning Aura by Estee Lauder

The bronzer was Saffron Sun, Highlighter was Modern Mercury and we left out a blush.

The reason for this was we wanted a more bronzed and highlighted finish, so the highlight was enhanced by using a new product, Aura Gloss in Honey. The way of describing this would be it is like a sheer lip balm with a touch of sparkle, that doesn’t leave a sticky feel. It is to be used on your face to add highlight to your cheekbones and under your brows and on the lips.

The Eyes

The eye shadow duo used is the Saphir Orange Vif. The colours are absolutely beautiful and so pigmented. This is reason why I was shying away from them, however the 2 together create a perfect smoky eye. The orange can be blended out to appear a light brown and the navy adds depth to your lash line and crease.

Eye Shadow Duo VBxEsteeLauder

My eyes are lined with Eye Kajal in Black Saffron, which is a super soft eye pencil. It’s perfect for using on your waterlines too. To give an extra dramatic feel, Eye Ink Matte Eyeliner in Blackest is used over the top. This created a more defined liner finish. The mascara; Eye Ink Mascara in Blackest is a new hero product for me, it’s a rich black colour and the fibres in it create thick and lengthened lashes. I always find it hard to find a good mascara that creates the look I’m after, but this one was perfect.

Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder


The Lips

To finish off the look I went for the lighter of the new lip shades, Matte Lipstick in Victoria, lined with the lip pencil Victoria also. The new collection includes 2 new lip glosses. Lip Glosses are a funny one to me, they remind me of my early teenage years and I’m still on the fence about if I like them or not. Used in the right way, a small amount over a lovely lip colour, then I can be persuaded. With these new lipsticks being matte colours, the gloss in Desert Heat works perfectly over the top to add the dewy complexion that Victoria loves.

The Lip collection from VBxEsteeLauder

The Finished Look

I loved my finished look, the make up was light on my face, and lasted for hours. It would be a look that I would certainly try to recreate again, and I’ve definitely taken away from this makeover that I shouldn’t be scared of trying bolder colours. A bold colour can work for anyone, when used in a certain way. Before I go I must mention 2 more products that although we didn’t use them, I completely obsessed over them. They were the Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in Graphite, Matte Lipstick in Black Cassis, and Eye Foil in Blonde Gold. You need to go check them out for yourselves and you’ll soon see why they have ended up being my favourites.

I really love this collection, not only is the packaging totally fab but it is definitely a collaboration that is sticking around for a while. In a short space of time it has managed to convince everyone that it has been around for years. Have any of the products caught your eye? I’d love to know if you have tried any of the new collection. Do let me know, as always in the comments or drop me a tweet.

Love, Jessi



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