Wedding Memories & New Beginnings.

This year in August I will have been happily married for 3 years, and believe me those years have flown by. They really do mean it when they say that time goes quicker as you get older, and when you’re having fun.

I can still remember every detail of my wedding day because naturally I was having a ball, but also because I planned every aspect of it. I love to plan, especially for celebrations. I’ve always loved having parties and planning every detail of them, I think that is why I enjoyed planning my wedding so much.


You’re probably thinking “why is she writing about her wedding all of a sudden?” Well if you are, you’re right to think that, as I think I have only posted 1 wedding related post on my blog, but surprisingly it is the one that got the most views ever out of all my posts. I’ll explain more as I go on about why I’m writing about my wedding, but for now if my readers like posts like this, and I like writing them, then we could be on to a new winner of a blog section here.

A new marital chapter …

This week me and my husband moved house, our new little home is lovely and after the busiest weekend ever we have set it all up just how we want it (interior blog posts will be coming up soon). The house we have moved from has been a place that has been a big part of our relationship from day one. My hubby lived in that house with 2 house mates when he was at University and for a few years after. Many years later, and with lots of changes made to it, we moved back in to that little house as our first marital home. It’s been a cute and ideal little place for the last few years that held many memories, but it was definitely time for us to cut ties and head to somewhere brand new that really felt like a new start and a proper new home. I guess that is what got me thinking about our marriage, and the wedding day again, especially as I was putting out all our framed pictures of the big day.


Around the time I was planning all of the move and thinking about this new chapter in our lives, a marketing company based in Liverpool, Hit Search, were looking for Wedding Bloggers or Lifestyle bloggers to provide a tip or piece of advice for Bride’s To Be that will help them plan their big day. This was in collaboration with a Wirral based Wedding Shoe stockist called Elegant Steps, this company has been very  popular with Bride’s to be for many years; including one of my best friends who got her Big Day shoes from there. Not only do they offer so many different styles of shoes that are perfect for weddings, proms, and other special occasions but they also offer a service where they can dye your shoes to whatever colour you need them to be, pretty cool hey.


Anyways, my tip I gave was to set up a Pinterest board where you can pin images that can help you create your dream wedding. You can see it above on the fantastic page they posted on their blog page. I couldn’t get enough of Pinterest when I was planning, I was searching images of bridesmaid dresses, sweet carts, flower arrangements, believe me all kinds, but it really did help bring all my ideas to life.


My friend’s stunning shoes from Elegant Steps. Shot by Eighth Avenue Photography.

If you are a Bride to Be and haven’t chosen your shoes yet, then I’d certainly recommend you having a mooch at Elegant Steps. Also, you can ask me for any more tips and advice on planning your big day, I absolutely love talking about weddings, and even considered becoming a wedding planner as I loved it all so much.

What other wedding tips would you like me to share? Would you like me to talk about wedding politics that you will inevitably come across? I can see many blog posts coming up. Comment below or tweet me (@jessimilton25) and let me know what you think.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo

All pictures were taken by Eighth Avenue Photography on my wedding day, and my friends wedding day. This was a collaboration piece with Hit Search Liverpool. All views, words & pieces of advice are my own. 


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