What I got for Christmas 2016.

Before we get started I just want to say that I love reading these types of blog posts and also love to watch What I got for Christmas vlogs, in fact I spent an hour watching some on youtube just before. This is the first one I have posted, as it’s my first Christmas blogging, and I have been thinking for a while that I would love to post one like this. I hope you like this post, and I hope it is received well.

I have chosen to share some beauty, fashion and awesome techy bits with you guys that I was given by my family this year. I haven’t shared everything as then for all you reading, it would become super boring. I got the likes of Christmas PJ’s (Harry Potter ones), home accessories (beautiful Royal Pip kitchen ware), a stunning hand made cake stand, a light box (new favourite toy), some fabulous books, dvd’s, clothes, jewellery and chocolates! I love every single gift I was given this year, I do feel very very lucky. Here’s a few that I thought you guys would love to see though!

New Beauty bits to play with


I always love receiving perfume, as it’s a special gift that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself. I have had both of these scents before and I adore them. The Charlotte Tilbury setting powder is something I have wanted for ages, it looks so dreamy and I can’t wait to use it. The Legendary Eyes & Kohl eyeliner was a part of the Charlotte Tilbury christmas treats range, it came in a bauble (which I am just deciding what to do with). The Wella products are something I am really excited about, I have started to use more products suggested by my hairdresser on my hair rather than drugstore brands, and I really have been noticing the difference. My mum surprised me with this, and it’s fabulous.


This was such a fantastic surprise. I saw the silver version of this in Boots and I loved it, we found out it came in a rose gold colour but sadly it was sold out. I forgot about it after that, and then voila, Christmas Day treated me with this. There is a normal mirrored side and a magnifying side and it has a light that can be brightened or dimmed to suit what you need. I can’t wait to start using this.

Let’s get techy …


I think there is a bit of a colour theme in this years Christmas presents. This is a portable phone charger and it is the chicest one I have seen. Again, this was another total surprise, but now a total essential. I am obsessed with this, the colour and the use of it. The phone grip was from my sister, and look how pretty it is, I can’t wait to pop this on my phone. If anyone has one, can you let me know if I can move this from case to case easily? Or once it is on, it’s on to stay?


I have been in desperate need of a good hairdryer and curling tongs for a while. Believe me, when you have thick hair, you need all the help you can get in styling it. This Nicky Clarke Rose Gold Condition and Shine set was from my hubby, how gorgeous is it. I already have GHD straighteners, but this new pair will give my hair a softer look, and more shape, unlike the poker straight look from the GHD’s.

Did I need more shoes? Always.


This is the point where I should probably explain that me and my husband are a bit obsessed with trainers, Adidas trainers to be exact. Between the 2 of us we have over 30 pairs, and yes they all do get used. I didn’t have a pink pair in my collection, so now I am so chuffed to have these, especially the SL Loops, as they are the comfiest shoes you’ll ever wear. I think I’m going to do more trainer posts in the future, as I do really love them and need to rave about Adi Originals.


The classic Chelsea boot is now in my life! YES! These are exactly what I have been after, super sleek and chic, with a slight bit of detail on the heel. I already know that these are going to be worn to death. My little black pom pom replaces my one I got last year that broke about a month ago, this one is even nicer than last years, and it’s going straight on my new bag.


New bags alert, and you may also spot another theme. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m a little leopard print obsessed, you’ll either see me talking about it, or wearing it. I already have leopard print bags, but these just make my collection even more beautiful. The larger bag is about to become my every day bag, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag, way larger than what you think. The clutch however this very small and chic and will do perfectly for a night out.

I also got a stunning coat from M&S, I tend to get a good coat every few years, my collection is pretty cool as each coat has been so well made that it has lasted perfectly for years, and I’m sure my new one will too. I didn’t photograph it for this blog because I’m sure it’ll be all over my instagram pretty soon.

The perfect timepiece

I couldn’t end this blog without sharing my main present from this year. I’m 27 and I still get a main present, to be honest I don’t think that will ever end. It’ll in fact start to become my only present, and that’s fine with me. I love wearing a watch, and I have missed wearing one for the last few months as mine unfortunately broke. Rather than buy another highstreet watch, I knew I wanted a designer piece. When I found this one I knew it was perfect. I’m such a massive fan of Kate Spade, her designs on fashion and home ware are stunning and so cute. I’m hoping this will be with me for many years to come. I feel very blessed with it, thank you so much Mum.



I hope you have enjoyed having a peak at some of my gifts, it may have given you some ideas for sale shopping or gifts for a birthday or occasion in the new year ahead. Please comment below or tweet me if you’d like to know where any of these were from.

I’m so glad I managed to get this out before the end of 2016. Make sure you follow me on Instagram (jessimilton25) as I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting videos on my story tonight. I hope you have an amazing night whatever you are up to, and if you only come across this post in the New Year then, welcome back to the blog and I hope you did have a fantastic night celebrating.

I’ll be back posting in 2017. With love & lots of wishes to you for 2017.

Jess xoxo



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