Wine Tasting Experience with Veeno Liverpool

If you know me, or just follow me on social media, you’ll know I like a drink every now and then. I’m not a massive drinker, as in, I don’t drink every weekend, but when I’m out with friends or the husband, or I fancy a tipple when watching my favourite tv/films, then there are a few things I enjoy. Wine being one of them.

Other than Prosecco, Rum and Gin, Wine is probably my most enjoyed drink, so when I had the opportunity to review a wine tasting experience, I couldn’t pass that up.

I have never done a drink tasting experience before, other than a cocktail making class, so I was intrigued to how it would be. Clearly they can’t be designed to intentionally get you tipsy, and I didn’t want to be, because you know I was technically working. So here is a guide on how to enjoy a wine tasting to the full and not get too bevvied.

Veeno Wine Tasting Experience

Selezione Wine Tasting

The Selezione wine tasting at Veeno is just one of 5 experiences to choose from. This costs £26.90 per person and includes the tasting of 5 75ml glasses in a mixture of White, Red and Rose wine, as well as Spuntini. Spuntini is a full board, similar to anti-pasti, with different cured meats, cheese and bread. You have a host for the evening, who is an expert in the wines on offer, and talks you through how to taste them properly, and which wines go better with the different food on offer. Our host for the evening was called Steven, and he was very accommodating and shared some fantastic information about the wines.

Spuntini, Veeno Liverpool

The Cliche’s Explained

I may never of been to a wine tasting before, but I still knew about the cliche’s of swirling the wine in the glass and smelling the wine before tasting. Well my friends, I now know why this is done. The swirling of the wine in the glass is actually pretty important to the tasting of the wine. First off it allows it to breathe in the glass, after it has been in the bottle for a while. It also releases the flavour of the wine, for both smelling and tasting. Finally, the higher up the glass you can leave a liquid mark and watch how quickly it slides down the side of the glass, indicates how full bodied the wine is. The fuller bodied wines, like red wines, take much longer to disperse down the glass. These are generally the wines that have a more powerful and flavoursome taste.

Wine Tasting at Veeno Liverpool

Our Wine

So, we had 5 different wines to taste, 2 white, 1 rose and 2 red. I’ve never acquired the taste for red wine, probably because the ones I have tried have been cheap and bitter. But, I was asked to keep an open mind, so I did. When trying each wine, we were asked to swirl the glass and then take a sip with our eyes closed. Closing your eyes is meant to shut off one sense in order to make the others stronger. Tasting the wine was tricky for me, not for the fact I couldn’t taste anything, I could as they were delicious, I was just bad at spotting the main ingredients and flavours to the wine. Fail.

Selection of wine to taste at Veeno.

We started off with the White wine, then the Rose, and then the Red. After each initial sip, we were then instructed upon what food item from our Spuntini went best with that type of wine. When eating the recommended food along with the wine, it really did draw out the main flavours, and take away any bitterness/sharpness that sometimes wine can give you.

There is no coincidence that my favourite wine from the night, a dry white, is perfectly paired with bread.

I was very pleasantly surprised in myself for actually enjoying the taste of the selected red wines. It has definitely opened me up to ordering the odd glass of red. As long as it is full of flavour and possibly has cocoa beans as an added flavour.

Red Wine from Veeno, Liverpool

Why Book A Wine Tasting

From the moment we arrived at Veeno we were kept entertained. We had a welcome drink, that didn’t have to be wine. I went for Prosecco and Mum went for a Beer. Once the wine and food arrived, the evening flowed really well. We chatted about the different Italian wines, how they’re made, how long different wines age for. The last wine we tasted was a red wine and Steve had us guessing the hidden ingredient, if we got it right we got Limoncello shots. We might of cheated a little as our Ste arrived near the end of our experience, he had a taste of the wine and guessed the ingredient right away.

I’d say that for £26.90 each, you get a great experience, lots of wine, delicious food, and it’s a unique way to spend an evening.

Veeno Wine Tasting

Visit Veeno

If you haven’t been to Veeno before then I highly recommend it. It’s a business set up by 2 guys who loved the Italian way of life where friends meet up and catch up over drinks and spuntini. The Liverpool venue has been open for 5 years, and is the perfect place for after work drinks, catch up’s, and post dinner drinks. The Liverpool venue was the 4th Veeno to open, and now there are currently 16 open over the country. If you’re interested in visiting, then head to the Castle Street location in Liverpool. You may fancy booking a wine tasting class, it would be perfect for a festive night out with friends, they range from £19.90 to £26.90. Lots more information is on the Veeno website, you can book online and browse the drinks and food menus.


Veeno, Liverpool.

Have you been to Veeno before, in any of their venue’s? Have you had similar wine tasting experiences? I’d love to hear about them.

Love, Jessi



I was invited to Veeno to review the Wine Tasting Experience. It was a complimentary experience for me and my Mum. All images and views are my own.

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