Your New McDonald’s.

McDonald’s, the ideal past time for a lazy Sunday afternoon, quick bite to eat when dashing off somewhere, or for some the perfect hangover cure. For me it is definitely convenience food at it’s finest, it’s quick and always tasty. I am a McDonald’s lover and never feel guilty over finishing off a McChicken Sandwich meal, so when I received the invite to head to the Page Moss McDonald’s to learn about the McDonald’s of the future then I jumped at the chance.


New McDonald’s Technology

The first part of our experience was to learn about how McDonald’s are keeping up to date with their digital savvy customers and the need to keep moving with the times. You may have noticed that most restaurants now have the digital Kiosks as you enter, these are to make ordering easier for customers. The kiosks offer you the chance to browse the whole menu, customise your meals, and in some restaurants select a table service option. If you’re in a restaurant with a table service option then this will show when you click to complete your order on the kiosk and you will select the zone you are sitting in, and voila, once your food is ready in the super speedy time of probably under 3 minutes, then it will be brought over to you. These kiosks have proved really popular with customers as 40% of us now use them to place our orders, they also have a feature where the images and text on the screens can be lowered for customers with disabilities or children.


Big Mc’s Digital Transformation

Another experience of the future for McDonald’s is the introduction of tablets to certain seating areas. Through these you can access the internet, use different social media sites and for kids there are some great games on there too.

This digital transformation is just the beginning for McDonald’s as they’re always thinking of ways to evolve, and in the planning right now is a McDonald’s app that would allow you to select your meal on the app to collect from a restaurant. This is perfect for when you are in a rush (I could see myself using this on the way to the cinema), it would cut out browsing time in store and the queues.


Your New Customised McDonald’s

All the changes for McDonald’s are part of their #YourNewMcDonalds campaign. They have introduced so many new features to keep the customers happy, another of which is “Made For You”. No meals are now pre-made and sat on a hot plate waiting to be ordered. Instead they are made upon order. So, as soon as you pay, your selection is sent through to the kitchens and your meal is made up fresh. This may add 1 minute on to your usual waiting time but the satisfaction of receiving your freshly made customised meal outweighs those 60seconds.

Think about how many less gherkins are going to be wiped off the burgers by that sacrificial chip.


Creating My Own Big Mac

Talking of customising your own meal, I actually got the chance to make my own meal with a behind the scenes tour of the kitchens. Diane gave us a tour and helped us in making our meals. I made the classic Big Mac, it was my very first one, so this made it a great experience. The kitchens are fast paced like a well-oiled machine. There are different staff on each station preparing the different parts of the meals. Hygiene is always top priority, you wash your hands on arrival to the kitchen and then every half an hour. All meat is handled with gloves, the grills are scraped down after every piece of meat is cooked.

I had never really thought of how stressful a job could be at McDonald’s. But with the fast paced work place and the efficiency needed, it can make it in to a stressful place. All the staff were so nice, and experienced enough to not feel stressed and pressured by the amount of orders coming in. Plus, the added extra of me getting in their way. This is a job that I will never underestimate.

Ready for a photo diary of my Big Mac/McDonald’s Kitchen Journey…



Looking proud as punch in my uniform and with my completed meal. It tasted so good.

McDonald’s In The Community

Did you also know that all the oils in which the food is cooked in, is reused as fuel for the trucks that make McDonald’s deliveries? McDonald’s are very conscious about creating this alternative energy and also about supporting local communities; a big thumbs up for being conscious about the environment and the community. A new McDonald’s is actually opening soon (28th June) in Liverpool on Great Homer Street. It will be the first one to be built in Liverpool in 17 years and is creating 100 job opportunities. I’m hoping this does really well as it is great to hear of more job opportunities. Also it’s another business that can lend support to a different area of Liverpool.


Working with a constant developing brand

I feel really lucky to of had this experience with McDonald’s, especially the tour of the kitchens. I enjoyed my Big Mac so much, I can’t believe I had not had one before. It is always great to hear how a huge global business is still trying to connect with customer needs. They continue to respond to the ever changing technological advances of the world. A huge thank you to Mark, Diane and team for giving us such a warm welcome and for sharing so much about the business with us.


If you’ve enjoyed this post then please let me know, and also ask me any questions about any of the things I have mentioned, I will do my best to answer them.

Have you spotted any of these new features recently? What is your favourite McDonald’s meal?

Love, Jess


*This post was a paid for collaboration with Red Consultancy and McDonald’s. All social posts about this have declared it an #Ad. All images & views are my own.





  1. May 25, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    I didn’t know that the text could be altered as needed on the screens!! Very inclusive- they really have thought of everything x

    • May 29, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      I know, that part was really impressive and inclusive. Thanks for reading Lyd xx

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