Our Gender Reveal Day

I was never one for wanting a gender reveal. Bit of a funny way to start a blog post all about our gender reveal party, but here we are. I loved seeing other peoples online, and how they did their announcement but for me the big parties or elaborate reveals were never at the top of my list to do.

That’s not to say I never wanted to know the sex of the baby. That is something I always knew I wanted to do. Thank goodness Ste was on board with this too. There was no way I could go a whole 9 months and not know if Baby Milton was going to be a boy or a girl. I’d just planned on finding out at the scan, and that be that.

With going through a year of restrictions and limited family time, I really do feel like the pandemic helped me to change my mind on having a gender reveal party. A chance to be together and celebrate something super exciting, after so long apart.

Ste always really wanted to plan some sort of party. In the end we compromised on having a small family get together at our house, and it was one of the best decisions ever.

Planning The Day

A few people asked me on social media and in real life how we found out the gender without us knowing. Some where convinced one of us knew and I promise we didn’t. We had a private wellbeing scan at 17 weeks and the gender was noted down and sealed in an envelope for us then. We then waited a few more weeks to have our 20 week NHS scan (which we actually had at 21 weeks). The back up plan was incase the gender couldn’t be given to us in secret we just wouldn’t find out on the day. But thankfully, they were able to spot the gender and again seal it in an envelope for us.

We decided to reveal the gender by popping a balloon. I love the effect of the confetti balloons and we found a shop that also put mini balloons inside. Our fantastic balloon is from Exclusive Occasions in Crosby. We took both envelopes in, got them to check they matched, and then they stuffed the balloon in secret.

So we really didn’t know prior to popping. Only 3 people did, the 2 sonographers & the balloon shop lady.

Details Of The Day

It really was just a family affair on the day. There was 12 of us altogether and bursting with excitement. Our house is super small, so even having just 12 people was a tight squeeze. Thankfully we got lucky and the late September day turned out to be lovely and sunny so we could spill out in to the garden.

For food our friends catering business, Keiko Katering, set up the most delicious grazing buffet for us. This worked so well and there was barely anything left over. We also ordered treats for everyone from our favourite doughnut store, Decent Donuts. These were demolished, and rightly so, they are so good. If you are in Liverpool you need to check these guys out on Smithdown Road.

My mother in law made the loveliest cupcakes, that yes, we enjoyed along side our doughnuts. Before we popped our balloon we had “It’s A Girl” and “It’s A Boy” decorations on them. These were changed once we knew. I was caught up in all the excitement that I didn’t see this happen but it made the loveliest touch.

We sipped a small toast on lovely Pink Prosecco from M&S, had a little disco with my niece and nephew and then rounded off the day with a quiz. No family gathering of ours could happen without a little quiz.

A Day To Remember

It was a day I will never forget. I keep looking at all the pictures from it now. It was the day I never knew I needed.

If you’re newly pregnant & reading this and wondering whether or not to have a gender reveal, I really would recommend it. You don’t have to go over the top or have a big party, but if that’s your style then go for it. But, just getting those closest to you together to celebrate is a wonderful thing.

On my Instagram you can see a video of our balloon pop, and you’ll see the reaction on our faces. Ste had convinced me it was going to pop pink, so when my eyes focussed and I saw the blue I was floored. Thrilled, but floored. I still can’t believe I am going to be a Boy Mum.

Party Planning Tips

A few tips for planning a gender reveal I would say to consider are –

~ Try not to find out what you’re having, and find out with all the family/friends. Like we did. It makes it so much more exciting.

~ My preference was popping a balloon, as I’ve seen lots of confetti canons that don’t pop at the end of a countdown. Kind of leaves you on edge. So go for a fabulous big balloon.

~ We set up our phones to film our reaction, as well as our families reaction. That was my sisters idea & I am so glad she suggested it. In the moment you miss what your family are doing as you’re too busy looking at the reveal, so to have this is very special.

~ Shop around for decorations. We got our cake toppers, banners, plates/napkins from different high street and independent shops. There is so much out there now for gender reveals, and all to different tastes/themes.

I’d love to know if you had a gender reveal, and how it went. Did you guess correctly? Did you have a small get together or a big party? If you’re planning one right now, then congratulations and have a fabulous day.

Love, Jessi


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