Virtual Make Up Lesson with So Coco Rouge

So Coco Rouge – Virtual Make Up Lesson Experience

This post is about my experience at a gifted virtual event.

Even though I haven’t had anywhere to go pretty much for a year now, I have spent a lot of my new found down time playing with all my make up. I have quite an extensive collection and it was just sitting there getting no use. Which made me quite sad because I am a make up junkie.

With working from home I have been concentrating on my skincare each day rather than make up looks. Weeks can go by without me wearing a slick of anything. So when I do put some on, I not only notice how lovely it applies but also how much I miss wearing it.

I am by no means a make up expert, just a lover. I wouldn’t even say I can apply my own make up excellently, which is why I like to experiment. Every now and then I will watch a YouTube tutorial to learn a new eye look, or how to contour. Which is why when Sian the make up artist from So Coco Rouge reached out to me to try her virtual make up lesson, I jumped at the chance.

Virtual Party Nights

As much as a lot of us felt like we missed out on so much in the past year, so many businesses did their best to keep us entertained at home. When beauty salons closed it was amazing to see how they adapted to life online. They kept their customers engaged and in contact.

So Coco Rouge have got 10+ years experience in the Make Up industry. I’ve followed their journey from the salon, to seeing their looks on brides, celebrities and models. I had every confidence in their virtual make up lesson being as informative, helpful & fun as a face to face lesson would be. The great thing about the virtual lessons are that you can get your friends and family involved who live anywhere in the world.

I know salons are open again now and in many of them normal service has resumed, including Make Up lessons and parties. But great news, So Coco Rouge are continuing to host them virtually also.

With travel still being restrictive, virtual parties are still very much here to stay. I love the ease of them, the accessibility, and the way you can get all your friends together, no matter how far apart.

These are also great for 1-1, if you can’t travel to Liverpool at the moment, where So Coco Rouge are based. Sian hosts make up lessons online for people all over the world, even hosting a 1-1 session with someone in Australia recently.

Get The Party Started

The virtual lessons are for groups of 2-6 people and are priced at £15pp. The numbers are so that the Zoom call doesn’t get too crowded. Sian can still be very hands on and attentive to each person with the smaller group numbers.

Virtual one to one lessons are £30 pp. For in salon lessons please contact So Coco Rouge for prices.

Before the lesson starts you’ll each be told what you’ll need to have to hand. The type of look you want to create will be discussed & agreed on, and Sian will make sure each attendee has the link for Zoom. For our session we wanted a simple going out glam look that could be recreated easily whenever we liked. We all wanted to know how to apply a glowing looking base, with a smoky eye look.

If you had told me at the start of the session what we each would have created on our own I wouldn’t have believed you. With the expert guidance of Sian we were all able to give ourselves the best make overs we’d had in months. What a treat.

Techniques for applying foundation, bronzer, eye shadow & eyeliner were all meticulously focussed on over our 2 hour lesson. With of-course life catch ups, celebrity gossip and funny stories thrown in too.

The Finished Look

This night in the height of lockdown was up there with one of my favourites. I was able to see my lovely family and friends, and play with make up. We all had a few drinks, mocktails and not, throughout, and the 2 hours flew by. It would never usually take me 2 hours to do my make up, but this was different. Every step of the way you are coached in how to create the best application & finish for yourselves.

And like I said before, when 6 ladies get together over drinks, make up and life catch ups, is 2 hours really enough?

The make up looks we all ended up with were stunning. I just wish we had somewhere to go, other than our daily walks, to show them off. The good thing now is if you do your virtual lesson, at least some aspects of normal life are back. So, we can get glam for our outdoor (soon to be indoor) dining, our friends gardens, or just for a shopping trip.

After the lesson you are sent a full lesson plan of the look you created. This is great for referring back to in the future. These sessions also give you the confidence to try out a look you might have been putting off experimenting with. Or, give you the confidence to dive in to the new make up palette you bought but don’t quite know how to use the colours to best suit you.

Whatever your reason is for booking a lesson, be it a Hen Party, birthday celebration, or girls night in, you’ll certainly have an amazing time. You’ll come away with new skills to impress yourself & others.

Visit So Coco Rouge

If you are interested in booking a lesson, or any other services So Coco Rouge offer, check out their website and Instagram. They are a Liverpool city centre based salon and are great to visit if you’re local, or here for a city break. If you are visiting you should certainly book in for some local glam. For those of you that can’t get to the city, this is what the virtual lessons are for. You can connect with them from anywhere and learn new skills from super friendly professionals with the added bonus of that Merseyside charm & fun.

I’d love to know if you would do a virtual lesson, or if you have done one before.

Hope you’re all well,

Jessi xoxo

*This experience was a gifted collaboration in exchange for a review. All images and opinions are honest and my own.


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