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A Big Hello

Hi Everyone and welcome to Jessi Lou Blogs.

Jessi Lou Blogs was born in January 2016 as an outlet for all my favourite things.

My friends and family ask me a lot about what places are good to go to for celebrations. As well as what beauty products I’ve been loving. Over time I started to think that I should share these with a wider audience, hence the push to start my own online space.

I first wanted to start a blog back in 2012, when I travelled to Hong Kong for 6 weeks. It would of been about my adventures there. I try to stop myself from thinking that if I’d have started blogging 4 years earlier, where would I be now.

But let’s put that aside and concentrate on the now.

What can you find in Jessi Lou Blog

My blog covers beauty, lifestyle, travel, life in Liverpool and my love of film/tv. In my beauty posts I chat about products I love and experiences I have enjoyed. Plus some fashion related posts are making their way on to the blog.

My lifestyle posts cover all kinds from advice and well-being, to film blogs, to city life coverage. I like to chat about good eateries and coffee shops in my home city of Liverpool, and great events going on here.

I love to incorporate travel on to my blog too. Travel is a big love of mine and I love documenting my time away, for you all and for myself.

Jessi Lou Blog. Get to know me. About Me. UK Blogger

Get to know me more

Now you know more about my blog, here’s a few things about me.

I’m a 31 year old gal, living in Liverpool with my husband. You’ll get to know him (and us) more via my instagram, come join me.

I have 2 degrees, one in English Language and Drama, the other in FE Teaching. Over the years I’ve had many different jobs, my favourite being a drama teacher.

I love to act. Performing was once the big dream of mine, partly still is. I am a film lover and watch more films than TV.

I’m forever wishing I lived in an all year round sunny climate.

My lottery win would go on shoes and handbags. One day I hope to raid Blake Lively’s shoe collection.

Being out and about is my favourite, as is (strangely) being constantly busy.

I will never outgrow my love of Disney, or Harry Potter. And I’m still holding out for Emma Stone to be my best friend one day.

I have an incurable sweet tooth. Going out for coffee is one of my favourite pastimes, as is idly chatting about celebrities lives.

There are so many other things I love, but hopefully you can follow my journey here and get to know more of them.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and find a section or post you love.

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