Welcome to 2021 – A Life Update

Welcome to 2021, and guess what we are still in lockdown. Every life update I feel like I give to you guys is from lockdown, I’m sorry about that. The first month of the year has passed and I haven’t said Happy New Year to you all yet. I’m sorry about that too.

So I guess this post is going to fill you in on what has been going on so far in 2021 for us.

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Happy New Year

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and a wonderful New Years Eve. We spent Christmas Day with our family and had a quiet New Years at home, just me and Ste. After quite a few glasses of bubbly later we saw in 2021 and waved goodbye to what was the craziest year ever.

It was all tinged with a little bit of apprehension though, as I am sure you all understand. We couldn’t fully enter 2021 with excitement could we, as we aren’t out of the woods with this pandemic yet.

Usually a post I write at the start of year will include some resolutions, plans for the rest of the year, and hopes. However, this post will clearly be a little different.

Resolutions for 2021

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I’ve never been a massive one for making resolutions, but if I do they tend to always be along the lines of walk more, drink more water and save money. Seeing as all there is to do at the moment is walk, and nowhere is open, you’d think that 2 of those standard ones would be easy to stick to.

Did you know though that it’s actually possible to become bored of walking? It’s true. That’s currently where I am at right now.

The only resolution I am setting myself this year is to read more. I absolutely love to read, and never set myself enough time in the day to really get stuck in to a book. I’ve got a stack of books to get through, ones I have collected over the last few years, so they make up my reading list for this year.

I think with this year being so up in air still, just one simple resolution will do me just fine.

Lockdown Plans

Usually I am a planner, I used to carry my diary everywhere with me, but honestly aside from writing in all the family and friends birthdays, I haven’t made a single plan for this year. When everything is so up in the air, and life still seems on hold, how can we plan?

I would love to have something to look forward to though, so I find myself making lists of things that I want to do once lockdown has lifted. I will be sharing these soon.

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In the mean time though our lockdown plans stretch to doing things round the house. We rent the property we live in, so we can’t do too much round the house, however it is time to give some of the rooms a little facelift.

Starting with our bedroom we want to turn one of the walls in to a bit of a feature wall. Then I would like to make our back bedroom less chaotic. Right now it is my work from home space, my make up area, the dumping ground and Ste’s music room.

If anyone has any tips on creating more space in a small room, or handy storage hacks/furniture, please do let me know.

Keeping Positive

With not much else to really fill you in on I thought I would let you know little ways in which I am trying to keep myself positive and upbeat. It is very easy right now to get sucked in to bad news, and lose hours of your life to Doom Scrolling as they now call it.

So, these are the little things that I have done each day that have started to make a world of difference to my outlook and wellbeing.

The C word (Corona/Covid) is somewhat banned in our house. We try our best to not mention it. And to go along with that we don’t have the news on. We barely watch normal TV, so we do well at avoiding adverts, news updates, chat shows that can all trigger that feeling of dread.

Both myself and my husband have deleted Twitter from our phones. It has become such a negative space and aside from logging on during The Masked Singer to see people’s guesses I feel so much better not having it at the simple click of an app.

Life Update. Lifestyle Blogger. Daisy Jewellery. Jewellery pictures. Winter Style. Liverpool Blogger. Wirral Blogger. UK Blogger. Lockdown Life.

Of a morning when I am feeling particularly groggy, because these dark winter days are tough. I blast out a few of my favourite upbeat songs round the house whilst I am making my morning coffee. This makes me feel so much better.

Getting fresh air has been key to keeping me calm. Days can go by where I don’t leave the house. I get bogged down in work, log off, sit on the couch and before I know it another day has gone by. But I am making myself get a little bit of fresh air every day. Even if it is just a 20 minute walk around the block. I really recommend this, even when you don’t feel like it, make sure you get up and go out.

Catch Up Again Soon

I hope your February goes well, and is full of brighter days. I can already see signs of spring popping up everywhere, and this is filling me with a lot of joy.

If you try out any of these tips for keeping upbeat then please do let me know. I would love to hear how they have altered your day, and would also love to hear any tips you have as well to keep you smiling.

Stay happy and healthy guys,

Jessi xoxo


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