Coming out of another lockdown – A Life Update

It has been 6 months since I last wrote about life in 2020. Where has that 6 months gone. It’s also been a six months of in and out of lockdown, and more ups and downs.

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I actually still can’t believe that as I’m writing this in December we are still living within this pandemic. That’s something I keep saying to myself all the time, how are we still here?

On the 1st December as I was putting up my Christmas tree, my brain just felt stuck in March. It was really hard to get in the festive spirit.

The dates we went in and out of lockdown or in to the new Tier system are all over the place in my mind. Since I last wrote we have been allowed a bit of freedom, the Eat Out to Help Out summer! C-Cases rose across the country come September and in Liverpool we were the 1st place to enter a Tier 3 lockdown system. Mass testing then started here to help decrease the numbers. On Halloween good old Boris announced another month long lockdown for England. Which is why come December, the majority of us are just not feeling that usual festive spirit.

Life Update

So where am I at right now? I told you back in June, that I was still working from home, and I am in fact still here, at home! It looks like I will be working from home way in to 2021. It is what it is for me now. It’s not something I will ever get used to, but I am trying, and that’s all I can do.

Come July I think all businesses that had been closed were now re-open. We could go shopping, we could go on holiday, we could meet friends in gardens and outdoor spaces. At some point the rule of 6 came in and we could even eat out with friends, INSIDE! The weather was glorious, and there was without a doubt a level of hope and happiness in the air.

We actually had a wonderful summer (dare I say it). It’s very easy for me to look back on the whole year and think of how awful it has been, when actually there has been some treasured moments.

We holidayed in Wales and St Ives. It was our 1st time visiting St Ives and we adored it (blog coming soon on that). We celebrated family birthdays, mine included. We spent weekends in pub gardens, around pop up coffee carts, and evenings at the beach.

But in the back of all of our minds we knew autumn and winter were coming and with them could bring a whole new ball game. We weren’t wrong.

Dealing With Lockdown after Lockdown

I would say that the months between September to now have been the hardest of this year. When the pandemic first hit and we were all in full lockdown, there was a sense of comradery from the whole country. Stay Home, Stay Safe. Everyone was looking out for one another, everyone was cautious.

Christmas. Lockdown Life. Lifestyle Blogger. Winter Style. UK Blogger.

But, after that taste of freedom over the summer, and the still lingering exhaustion from the first lockdown, when the new lockdowns, and Tier systems hit, along with the merry-go-round of openings and closures, I think it’s safe to say, everyone has had enough.

I heard someone refer to emotions this year as the “Corona-coaster”, and that is so true. One day you’re up and feeling good, the next day can be the lowest of the low. If I have learnt anything from this year is that feeling like that is ok. You are not going crazy, you are just human, dealing with a lot.

I have sat in my living room, every day in December, looking at my Christmas tree thinking, how did we get here? But we are, and we are all doing the best we can. That is enough.

A Covid Christmas

Christmas. Lockdown Life. Lifestyle Blogger. Winter Style. UK Blogger.

There should be a rule for all families over Christmas to not mention the C word. Although that’s probably going to be impossible. Knowing Boris he will probably do a Christmas day press conference at this rate and send us all in to lockdown imminently. I wouldn’t be surprised the way things are going.

In case I write another lockdown update in another 3 months, which is very likely, I’ll note that the current situation now is that England are in all different Tiers. Here in Liverpool we are in Tier 2, so some semblance of normality is around.

But, recently it has been announced that there is a new strain of the virus circulating which has caused a Tier 4 lockdown for the majority of the South of England, and for Wales to enter a full lockdown. Right on Christmas. It really is awful and my heart goes out to everyone who has had their Christmas plans changed.

At a time when we are all so used to being together, we are forced apart once again. The human species are a sociable bunch, and this is so far from anything we could have imagined.

I didn’t want this post to be doom and gloom, but I write about what I am experiencing and right now the world just feels a little heavy. And to make it heavier we haven’t even got a tub of Quality Street or Celebrations to enjoy at home! We are doing December wrong!

I’d love to know where about you are living, and how Covid rules are going for you there. I hope you are all doing ok. If you’re not following me on Instagram, come on over as my DMs are always open for a chat. I try and keep it happy over there.

Sending you all the love. Stay safe and well,

Jessi xoxo


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