New Year, New Goals – Bring on 2019

Hello & Happy New Year

I toyed with the idea of writing a post like this. I didn’t know whether I wanted to or not because it goes against one of my resolutions (I’ll explain in a moment).

But, I have loved reading posts like this from some of my favourite bloggers. Kate La Vie has gone in to some great personal goals & set herself some lighthearted ones for 2019. Whilst Antonia from Allure La Vie is ditching the resolutions, for a great reason.

I’m a mix of the 2.

I want to set myself some strong goals, & some lighthearted ones, I want to set new resolutions that help me, rather than challenge me. This year is all about the feel good, and if that means I’m setting simple resolutions then so be it. Here they are.

New Year New Goals. Liverpool Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Mornings at Artisane, Liverpool.


“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” Mark Black

This explains why I wasn’t going to write a post like this. And why it’s not gone up until mid January. I have been relaxing.

I’ve been prioritising my time, and cutting down the amount of things I do in a day & week. I haven’t pressured myself to write, as I won’t produce my best work, and I feel great for it.

When I get home from work, and I know I have a big To-Do list, if I’m tired I’m just going to put my PJ’s on & switch on Netflix. No guilty feelings will be washing over me this year for sitting down.

All In Its Own Time

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

This is the year that when it comes to my blog, life and career I’m no longer comparing it to others.

I’m not going to over think about how others got to be in the position that they are. Or how they got a work opportunity that I never. Everything happens in its own time.

I have to trust the thought that what will be will be, and my time will come. I don’t know what for & when, but it will.

New Year New Goals. Liverpool Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Mornings at Artisane, Liverpool.

Friendship & Family Time

Before Christmas me & a friend got a date in the diary for a New Years walk. It was perfect knowing we had this planned & could look forward to it.

Life gets SO busy that even scheduling in time for a coffee, walk or cinema date is essential. Other wise months go by & you’ve missed so much.

The same goes for family time. I’ve had so much fun over the last year hanging out with family that we make it a regular thing now. Days out, nights out, events, you name it.

It makes me feel really happy to be able to have wonderful family & friends to spend time with, so why not plan it, and make them a priority.

Save, Save, Save

Although I’m going to do my best to save the planet, I’m actually talking money.

For January & February I am already on a spending ban. No shopping for lustful material items. It’s SO hard, not going to lie.

Thanks though to Marie Kondo – side note, everyone watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, changed my life – I’ve given a new lease of life to everything I own.

Over Christmas I sorted out my wardrobe, makeup/smellies collection, and general stuff all around the house & I feel a million times better. I took 7 bags to charity & now I’m left with only things that bring me joy.

I’m mixing & matching, finding old loved items, and trying out a more minimal (even though there’s still a hefty wardrobe) approach.

This is going to apply to all kinds in my life. I’ll be asking myself if I really need things, and how could I save money on things. Plus I’m resorting back to my first job years, if I see something I want, I’ll save a few months for it, then get it. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Wasn’t meant to be.

I’m not skinting myself for anything this year. I’ll be saving money and paying off the things I need to.

New Year New Goals. Liverpool Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Mornings at Artisane, Liverpool.

Smash & Create More Blogging Goals

I’m hoping to bring a consistency to the blog this year. I want it to be a place where people can check in on regularly & find new content.

It could be a total mixture of things from beauty, to lifestyle, to me just chatting away, to travel related posts. Then you’ll find film, city life, recommendations & restaurant posts. I want to create a welcoming community that offers something to everyone.

You may also see a few Jessi Lou side projects too. I’m hoping to branch out in to other mediums. So watch this space.

In my mind I want to see this blog taking me self employed. So with a positive mind & a solid readership, we can do it together hey!

Lighthearted Resolutions

  • Keep a tidy house.
  • Use a dish, wash a dish.
  • Stick to getting up early. I will master mornings.
  • Try out meal prepping.
  • Get out & walk more.
  • Sunday afternoons are for chilling at home.
  • Drink more water than what I already do.
  • Visit new places.
  • Stay positive.
New Year New Goals. Liverpool Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Mornings at Artisane, Liverpool.

There are probably more things I want to try this year, and want to set in stone as a goal. But like I said, this is the year I’m not over thinking it, or stressing on it. I used to really grill myself over resolutions & goals. These are just ones that spilled out of me when I started writing this post, so I’m going with them.

Let me know what you think of them. And if you have set anything similar for yourself. Thanks for joining me in to 2019, and here’s to a fabulous year.

Jessi xoxo


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