Building A Life Offline

Becoming a blogger, and choosing to share a lot of my life online is something I am totally fine with. I love to share what I am up to, where I have been, things like that.

But, in the 3 short years that I have been blogging even I can see how much the online world has changed. There’s now a lot of pressure on what is expected from you, what you share, and how it impacts all our lives in different ways.

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

Flamingo set gifted from Sara Miller London. Perfect Gift Idea.

When I began & I’m sure it is the same for others, you weren’t aware of how the blogging cliches, and millennial trends could creep in to your life. Now more than ever I find myself thinking, am I doing this for me, or for Instagram? What a sad question.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing these blogger/influencer inspired trends have lead to some great purchases.

I love marble, excellent latte art, blush pink & house plants as much as the next person.

But beyond this, things like over spending to keep up “with the Jones’s”, and booking holidays to places just for pictures, that’s when I have to assess the importance of building a life offline purely just for mine, and those around me, own happiness.

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

Building A Life Offline

What I mean by building a life offline is creating a world that’s purely for you, and your family/friends.

It’s very easy as a blogger/YouTuber/Influencer to start to plan out your life dependent on what gets the most likes for the photos/views for where you go. Sad but true.

And come to think of it, that’s not just something a blogger can fall in to the trap of. We all can.

I have fallen in this trap a few times over the last few years, and the outcome has annoyed me. I haven’t received great service but you know, I got the picture for Instagram. *Insert massive face palm emoji*

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

Building a life offline for me is all about planning out or spontaneously having those moments where you don’t need to whip out your phone camera. Hop in the car & drive somewhere for a beautiful walk. Sit for hours in your friends house, having wine and catching up. Book that relaxing beach break to purely get a tan and sleep.

These are more of the moments I want to experience and memories I want to collect.

Making Time For Yourself – Phone Free

So how am I, or we, going to do that? There are a few ideas that have come to me over the last few weeks, as I have been talking about this with others.

One of which is having phone-free time.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about a new house rule of hers. Around an hour before going to bed they put all phones away. This is to wind down, chat, & relax, all without the intrusion of the internet and un-read WhatsApp messages.

I’ve been in situations at home where me and my husband have sat in silence for an hour simply scrolling on our phones. So why are we so enthralled with life online, rather than making one offline.

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

Evenings out or weekend plans where my phone isn’t needed are the best.

Every weekend plan doesn’t need to be about creating content for Instagram. Just meet up with friends. Go for a coffee (and don’t take a picture, I dare you) and take a book with you. Head out for a walk and lose signal, take in your surroundings.

All of us work too hard throughout the week to fill our time off with creating content for others approval.

Building Relationships

I’m lucky enough to have made some best friends through blogging. The reason these friendships work is because we enjoy our time together in blog work situations, and out of them.

The most important time to me is spent investing in my closest friendships. Whether this is sat in our comfies at home, or out and about exploring.

A lot of my friends have had children of their own now, and time spent with them is so precious. As we get older, time seems to get busier. I have started to say no to more and more events that are putting me out of my way, or exhausting me. Because I want my free time and energy to be spent on seeing my friends.

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

Someone (and I can’t remember who, sorry), shared some excellent words of wisdom with me. They said if we invested enough time in ourselves as we do looking in to other peoples lives, then we’d be living one even better. How true is that!!

I want to make lasting memories that were heart warming, not for likes off strangers.

New Blog Content Ideas

It’s time for me to a little hypocritical, because I’m going to mention how leading a life like this could relate to my blog. I love doing reviews of places, and products, that’ll never change. But you’ll definitely start to see more blogs like my Day In The Life Post, and others like that.

I want a part of my blog to be like a diary of places I have visited and experiences I have had, off my own accord and have enjoyed them. Whether they’ll be of interest or not to you guys (which I hope some will), they’ll still act as a sort of “diary entry” for me to look back on.

I’d love to know if these style of posts are of interest to you?

Other Small Steps To Take

Aside from the things I have already spoken about, there are a few things I’m going to try and do more of to build up my offline life. I spoke on my Instagram a few weeks back about how I want explore more places on a weekend. Wales, The Lakes, and Yorkshire are not too far away and I haven’t seen enough of them.

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

I also collect so many photographs on my phone from nights out, holidays, family get-together’s and it’s about time I did something with them other than create a Facebook album. I’m already on the look out for lots of photo albums & I recently signed up to Snapfish (these offer you 50 free prints a month, you just pay for delivery) ~ not sponsored, I just really love this idea.

Travelling is also a big love of mine, I love to explore new places. I have got a few trips coming up next year, but my most special holidays of all are where I just get to relax on the beach, eat, sleep and then repeat. Some Vitamin Sea is what we all need. Time to switch off, get sandy, make memories, all without the fear of looking Insta-Ready. I know when I am on the beach I’m certainly not going to worry about my top knot & sweaty face.

Building That Life Offline

Sara Miller London. Building A Life Offline. Lifestyle Blog. Lifestyle Blogger. UK Blogger.

So, is this something that tickles your fancy? Making more time in your life where every moment isn’t documented, or carried out through influence. Just off the cuff, spontaneous living? I know I am ready for it.

If you want to sit on a Sunday morning and watch back to back movies, go for it. Nothing is pushing you out the front door. You’ll notice hours have gone by without picking up your phone. Friday night’s spent out grabbing a drink with a friend after work, putting the world to rights, but with no outfit pic? Go for it.

Whatever it is, there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. Have at it.

Jessi, xoxo

*Images in this post contain gifted images from Sara Miller London new collection. This Flamingo set is to die for, and one I will be bringing out for coffee and biscuits whenever a friend comes around.



  1. November 4, 2019 / 2:07 pm

    It’s important to take your mind away from blogging and just focus on your life with family and friends. I’ve noticed that since I became a blogger three years ago that my mind is always in overdrive, whenever I’m out with friends and family, I’m thinking about photo’s or blog posts and it’s wrong really! Like you said, we don’t need to share everything online! x

    Lucy |

    • jessiloublog
      November 4, 2019 / 3:44 pm

      I feel the same Lucy. Sometimes when I am out all I can think of is creating content. It’s sad really. We have to compartmentalise and treat it as working and none working time. Thanks for reading. Xx

    • Julie Mc Mahon
      November 10, 2019 / 3:48 pm

      Someone recently said to me, she had been out to dinner with a friend, and wasn’t allowed to touch her dinner on arrival, as the required photos for Insta had not been taken. That made me laugh, I am in there, photo or not. In seriousness Jess it is important to embrace online, I have been to and seen so many things, from following people online. But there has to be a cut off point as well. Holding a little back for yourself.

      In another note and something I picked up in your stories, but wasn’t sure where to file it. The Duchess of Sussex aka Meghan needs a new stylist quickly. The photos of her over the last few days have been awful. I had a thought that she was expecting again? The clothes she has been photographes in, do not fit her, they make her look small and larger than she is. The coats are awful, and the dress that she wore last night to the Royal Albert Hall was not fit for purpose.

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