Three Months of Lockdown – An Update

So here we are, three months in to life in lockdown. I can’t believe it has been that long. Not only has life turned upside down completely due to the Global pandemic, but we’ve also experienced so many other things too.

Since I last wrote about life in lockdown, I actually thought life would just tick over quietly. Although we’d still be sitting at home, waiting for the virus to go, nothing else would really happen. We’d already had a crazy start to the year. But 2020 just keeps on increasing the intensity levels doesn’t it.

Last week Boris Johnson announced the latest easing of lockdown rules. From the 4th July a new lease of life is coming to the country. Whilst these new measures all sound really exciting, and put “normal life” back on the horizon, it’s filled many of us with dread, fear and anxiety.

It’s safe to say that Coronavirus really has affected us in more ways than one.

Working From Home

I am very fortunate that I have kept my job throughout all this. It’s even more fortunate that I have been able to work from home. Although this isn’t something I like doing, I have to look at it from a positive way. Otherwise I’d go mad.

Lockdown Life Update. Lockdown Life. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Documenting Life.

I remember at the start of lockdown I was naively saying that I wouldn’t mind working outside the office as at least I could go to coffee shops, or my Mums house or in-laws house. Oh how wrong we got it. On the day I was packing up my things from the office, 16th March, I remember thinking that it would only be for a few weeks. Yet, here we are.

We’ve just been hit with the news that we will not return to our office until 2021. That was a bit hard to process, but soon gave us the spurt we needed to finally sort out the back bedroom as a small office space.

This is a hurdle my mind is trying to get over when people say “normal life” is slowly coming back. Not going back to the office for another 6 months really is a slow ease back to normality.

I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated and focused when working from home. If you know of any tips that have worked well for you, please share them.

Clinging on to the quiet life

Since the last time I wrote an update more shops and businesses have opened. When everywhere but essential shops were closed it was such an eerie atmosphere everywhere. Before everything reopened we went for a stroll around town and Liverpool One. As much as I don’t like to see businesses closed, I actually really liked the quiet.

Lockdown Life Update. Lockdown Life. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Documenting Life.

As places start to open and life starts to get busier, this is something else I feel like I need to get used to again. We’ve now been in lockdown long enough that we’ve developed new habits and new ways of living.

The slower and quieter life is certainly something I am loving. It feels like you have places and experiences to yourself and you can take in your surroundings more.

There’s only another week or so of this quiet life because most bars, pubs and restaurants are opening soon. Absolutely brilliant news for the hospitality industry and I know so many people are excited over this. But, I think I’ll see how the openings go before we make any drinks with pals, or meals out plans.

Making Plans

Lockdown Life Update. Lockdown Life. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Documenting Life.

Making plans is something I love to do though. It has actually upset me that I haven’t had anything to write in to my diary, instead I’ve been scribbling things out.

But now, a few things are on the horizon and it’s a lovely feeling. We’ve progressed from pencilling in Zoom nights with family and friends, to meet ups in the garden or the park.

Me and Ste have made local coffee runs the highlight of our weekends. We’ve loved finding new independents to try out across the city, and get weirdly excited when another one announces they’re re-opening.

Lockdown has really shown me how it’s definitely the little things in life that bring the biggest moments of joy.

Keeping Motivated

Lockdown Life Update. Lockdown Life. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Documenting Life.

One of the downsides to this slower life is that I seem to have lost my motivation to do anything. Days can go by and all I have done is work and watch Netflix. My biggest achievement some weeks is finishing off a new series.

At the start of lockdown I was in a strict routine each day. The days started with morning walks, work, and another walk or workout of an evening sometimes. I was blogging more, reading more, and baking. Now all of that has tailed off.

The less I do, the more tired I am feeling. I have gone through weeks where my sleep pattern has been so messed up I thought I was never not going to wake up exhausted.

I read an article that said our disrupted sleep patterns and fatigue levels could be due to feeling a state of trauma. Our lives have been altered so much, and it has all been out of our control. Not only with daily lives being distrusted, but with seeing loved ones suffer. We’ve dealt with so much within the walls of our homes, that now heading back out in to real life is the next obstacle to deal with.

I really need to figure out how I can get my motivation back. Whether that by being planning out my week and making more plans, like I used to. Or by simply being harder on myself and setting weekly goals to achieve.

I need to find some sort of structure, that’s for certain, seeing as this is my life now for the rest of the year.

Rambles on the page

Lockdown Life Update. Lockdown Life. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger. Documenting Life.

This post has been a complete ramble, I know that. But all these different thoughts and feelings have been swirling my head for weeks now, and by getting them out on to the page it helps me think better.

All of our situations have been different during this pandemic. I’m living at home with no kids, I take my hat off completely to those who are. I haven’t been working on the front line. I haven’t cared for anyone in my family (thankfully) that has contracted the virus. There will be many of us out there who feel like because we haven’t had it (that) bad then we can’t say we have suffered. But that’s not right.

If your mental and physical health has been affected by any aspect of this lockdown life then you are allowed to feel these things. Everything is relative and important to your immediate situations. We can sympathise for others, be there to support and to help, but make sure you’re also looking after yourselves.

I’ve had so many conversations with friends over these last few months about how important it is to not run on empty. Don’t put yourself at the bottom of the care pile.

I really hope that some of the things I have spoken about here resonate with some of you, and let you know that others are feeling that way too.

It really won’t be long until we can all be together again. I’m already counting down the days till we can go in each others houses, till we can celebrate at friends rescheduled weddings and birthdays, and till we can see the world. Everything will be even sweeter in the future now, because (and I really hope), nothing will be taken for granted again.

Stay well, and stay safe,

Jessi xoxo


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