An Extrovert in Lockdown

It occurred to me the other day how much of an extrovert I actually am. The years of going to drama school should have been a giveaway. Throughout the 5 weeks I have now been at home, with only going out for food shops & for a walk, I have been really struggling with the lack of social activities & the busyness of places.

It was only when I was scrolling through Pinterest & saw a quote about extroverts, and then hearing Dr Hilary talk on Lorraine, that it hit me. I truly am an extrovert that thrives and gets my energy from being around hustle and bustle.

Lighthouse Clothing. Spring Style. By the coast. Beach Style. UK Coastline. UK Blogger.

Coat & Bag Gifted from Lighthouse Clothing. This coat is perfect for Spring/Summer days down by the beach. I have been looking for one like this for so long.

Reading up about about Extroverts and Introverts online has been really interesting. I always knew I was outgoing but never realised how it affected my personality, my wellbeing, and my whole make up as a person.

Traits Of An Extrovert

I have been feeling really low of energy these past few weeks. Not low enough that I need to sleep, because I haven’t been sleeping well at all. I have been feeling lethargic, and very un-energised.

When reading about extroverts one of the first things it says is that we get our energy and inspiration from social settings. This rang so true with me, as I have been missing the hustle and bustle of life & interaction with people a lot. We top up our energy levels by thriving off being around others.

I love the candy stripe bag. Reminds me of seaside fairs & beach huts.

Some other common signs of extroverts are that we love to talk, like to solve problems through discussion, we’re open books, don’t need too much alone time, and are enthusiastic.

These all hit the nail on the head for me. By not being able to do some of these due to life in lockdown, or having too much of others; like alone time, I can really see how my wellbeing has changed.

Making Life Work At Home

I have spoke quite openly on my social media about how I have been feeling really claustrophobic at home. Claustrophobia is something I have suffered with for as long as I can remember. It tends to only rear it’s head very few times now, and this is when I am in a scenario where I can’t see my exit, or in a small crowded place.

Lighthouse Clothing. Spring Style. By the coast. Beach Style. UK Coastline. UK Blogger.

The coat says on the lining, Live Simple, Live Happy. I think we’re learning that now.

But for some reason, since being at home a lot the panic attack feelings have reared their head. I have felt trapped, closed in, and this is even with going for walks.

If this is something that you have also been feeling then I have found that when I start to feel tight chested I move from where I am sitting, open a window or outside door, and call or FaceTime a family member or friend. Feeling that fresh air & hearing someone else’s voice really helps.

Combating Working Issues

When I am in the office where I work I love to have a chat with my colleagues. I love to be able to just walk over and ask them about a query I have, and talk it through. This is what I have found hard with working from home. Because everyone’s home environments are different, the working day has changed. This has meant not everyone is available when you need a chat or to ask a question.

Rather than just typing my query out on an email or IM, I have been enjoying video meetings & audio calls. I’m grateful my colleagues have been happy to chat this way too. These feelings of isolation & needing to chat things through has been common in my colleagues, and I’m sure this is a widespread feeling.

Too Much Alone Time

I always thought I was someone that liked alone time. Don’t get me wrong, I do like my own time and especially my own space. I just turns out I don’t actually need that much of it. A few days here and there of alone time, and a few evenings in my own company and space will certainly do me now.

One aspect that goes hand in hand with this is that extroverts love to talk, and that I do. I really do love to talk, either in person, on the phone, or on social media. But I’ve discovered that I really miss just being around other talkative people.

I found an article about extroverts that said it’s not always about being the most talkative, or the centre of attention, we can also feel comforted and energized by just being around chatting, and hustle and bustle. Maybe that’s why I love people watching so much.

Getting To Know Myself

With having all this time away from people and having a lot of time to reflect, I have found things out about myself that I have never really thought on before. This is where the whole Introvert or Extrovert googling started. I was researching symptoms (which I know they say never to do), and I am so glad I did now.

By reading about extroverts and thinking it all through it has helped me adapt to life at home. Although the biggest factor of not being able to top up my energy levels by being around others won’t change any time soon, I have still come up with ways to help this.

Lighthouse Clothing. Spring Style. By the coast. Beach Style. UK Coastline. UK Blogger.
Lighthouse Clothing. Spring Style. By the coast. Beach Style. UK Coastline. UK Blogger.

I am loving Face Time & Zoom calls, online virtual Quiz Nights have also been amazing. Looking through old travel photos and videos has helped a lot too, I am living through them. Following people online from other parts of the world and country is great too. It’s lovely to see them sharing their areas, but also reassuring that we truly are all in this together.

Helping One Another

I said in my When Life Turned Upside Down blog post about how thankful I am that this has happened in a time where we have amazing technology so we can stay connected with family and friends all over the world.

This has really helped with keeping spirits up and keeping low feelings at bay.

I really just can’t wait to be able to visit busy towns and cities again with my family and friends. When life is back to normal I won’t take this for granted again.

I wanted to write this post for 2 reasons, one to document how I am feeling but also to help others in case you are feeling this way too, and couldn’t put a finger on why.

Lighthouse Clothing. Spring Style. By the coast. Beach Style. UK Coastline. UK Blogger.

The quality of the coat is amazing. All items are made in Northern Ireland, the clothes are lightweight, and the coats waterproof. I’ve discovered a fantastic brand.

There are so many different things going on in life right now and we’re having to change and adapt pretty quickly. I know the severity of why we are doing this, believe me, I think about every aspect of it every minute of the day. But I want you guys to know that it is ok to feel low, anxious, and different to how you usually are, even if you are safe at home.

We’re all going through this together, so we must be open and support one another and I hope that by writing these few personal observations down it might help you.

So, fellow extroverts, hang in there, it won’t be forever. If there are any introverts reading this I would love to hear your take on life at home, and if you could offer any advice that would be amazing.

Safe well everyone,

Jessi xoxo

*Photographs taken pre-lockdown. Coat and bag gifted from Lighthouse Clothing.

I can’t wait to take them on a spin round Wales & Formby, I think they are the perfect pieces for seaside strolls.


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