Best Ways To Workout At Home

It has been one hot minute since I last wrote about fitness on my blog. I am not a fitness expert or fanatic in any way, I like to keep myself fit but I dip in and out of doing that. I have done all kinds of fitness activities over the years, and had peaks and troughs in my levels of motivation.

During lockdown I have actually been stunned by how my levels of motivation to work out haven’t been totally flat. I completely surprised myself. Working out during lockdown has become not only a great help mentally, but I also just do it to pass the time.

While my husband lifts weights in the garden, I on the other hand have found alternative ways to keep fit and healthy that suit me. The ways I like to workout are suitable for all levels of fitness. They can be varied for high or low intensity. They’re also great for doing inside and outside.

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Barre Balance

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I am a huge lover of Barre. I have been doing Barre on & off for about 18 months now. It’s a type of exercise that I think so many people should try. It not only has physical benefits but also health ones too. The strength it builds in your body helps to ease aches and pains from within the body. I used to get chronic neck ache and shoulder pains, and since I started Barre they have eased ten fold.

With us all being in lockdown, Natalie’s Barre Balance studio in Liverpool is sadly closed, but her classes are going stronger than ever. I am currently on a gifted month of classes, which is coming to an end soon. Once my month is up I am purchasing another as it opens up a world of online Live classes, as well as a wealth of pre-recorded ones. All prices and ways to join the online Barre Balance community are here.

Workout at home. Barre exercise. Working Out. Gym clothes. Workout inspiration. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger.

Workout With Instagram Live

Instagram lives have definitely been the “thing” of lockdown. From beauty tutorials, to heart to heart chats & scheduled workouts. You can workout for free with the best of the best, and also your favourite celebrity.

There are all kinds of fitness ideas on there from HIIT training, Pilates/Yoga, Dance classes & Circuit training. The famous Barry’s Bootcamp host intense Insta Live’s daily. Natalie from Barre Balance also hosts a couple of 30 minute classes a week too.

Workout at home. Barre exercise. Working Out. Gym clothes. Workout inspiration. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger.

But the account recommended to me to follow is RWL. What was “Results With Lucy”, now known as “Results Wellness Lifestyle“, host daily Instagram Lives of all kinds of workouts. They range from boxercise to dancercise, and everything in between. My sister does these daily, I like to try them out depending on what workout they are and how I am feeling. But to have fitness professionals offering these 30-40 minute classes for free online is amazing, and not to be missed.

A YouTube Workout

This brings me on to my point of, why have I never worked out from home before? I have joined countless gyms over the years and always ended up realising that I actually hate gym equipment and much prefer working out in classes. Well thanks to YouTube, those classes can now take place in my living room or back garden.

Yes that might just be the most delayed reaction to a fitness phenomenon ever.

I really, really love dance and Zumba style classes. I have found a whole host of great ones online.

POPSUGAR fitness are great to search for on YouTube. Their Zumba, Dancercise and Boxercise classes are really great. I love the music for Zumba and dance classes, I totally forget I am working out because I am having too much fun. That is the best kind of cardio isn’t it.

If you’re looking for more low impact fitness then I highly recommend Yoga with Adrienne. When I first started to ease in to Barre/Yoga/Pilates, Adrienne’s youtube classes came highly recommended.

There are lots of classes for beginners on there, as well as experienced Yogi’s. There are also varying class sizes, I like the 20 minute ones as they slot great in to a busy day and really move and stretch your body. Adrienne also offers 30 day challenges too, these are great for building up stamina and flexibility.

Workout at home. Barre exercise. Working Out. Gym clothes. Workout inspiration. UK Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger.

Filling that Fitness Gap

Whilst the gyms are still closed, and could be closed for some time still, these new style (ok, not the YouTube ones,) classes are definitely the way to go. They will keep you motivated and focused. They’re a great accompaniment to your daily walks, which I have been loving. I love to walk anyways, and went for walks most days before Lockdown started.

Working out at home is something I will continue to do, and might never join a gym again. It would be great to see Fitness Instructors, and Fitness Content Creators keep their Online classes open even after lockdown has lifted, as I think it has opened up a whole new world for people.

It’s accessible, convenient, and also fun for whoever you live with to join in occasionally too.

I’d love to hear if working out at home is a new thing for you also, and what online classes do you like to do?

Stay well everyone, and talk soon.

Jessi xoxo


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