REN Clean Skincare – New Perfect Canvas Serum

A few weeks ago I was sent a brand new product from REN that hadn’t even hit the market yet. I was really excited to receive this, as I hadn’t tried a product like it before. But it was also really hard to keep it from you guys. I had to keep tight lipped until it hit the market on the 29th August, but now I can finally tell you about it.

REN Clean Skincare

REN Clean Skincare

First off, have you guys heard of REN Clean Skincare? I have to be honest, I had seen the brand featured in a few beauty blogger flat lays, and beauty editor picks, but I hadn’t tried any of their products myself.

REN were established in 2000 and pride themselves on being a clean and kind to skin brand. They use only 100% plant and mineral based actives for their products and avoid synthetic ingredients that can be unkind to skin. If you google ingredients that you really don’t want to see in Skincare and compare it to REN’s ingredients, you won’t find one of them.

They avoid using parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicones, pore blocking petrochemicals and so many more. REN do not test on animals and neither do their third party contacts. Always a bonus.

Products from REN

So with all these clean & kind bonuses to the company, what products do they actually produce? Well if you haven’t already twigged, it is a skin care brand. Their products range from moisturisers, serums, eye creams to face masks. They also stock products for the body, like shower gels, lotions and body scrubs.

Perfect Canvas Serum

You can browse skincare products by skin types or what you think your skin needs, which I thought was really good. There are Essential Listed products, products for calming the skin, for young skin and older skin, to products restoring radiance.

Perfect Canvas Serum

The product I have been trying out is called the Perfect Canvas Serum. It is designed to act as a primer which is really intriguing for a serum. Most serums I have used are the first products to go on my skin after cleansing, however this one goes on after your moisturiser.

Perfect Canvas Serum primer

You use 2/3 drops of the serum, rub it around on your fingers and press on to the skin, ensuring all your face is covered. When patting it on to the skin you will feel a slight tacky feel, however this disappears very quickly. The serum becomes smooth on your skin so you can massage the remains of the product in a bit more.

The serum is designed so that –

Moisture balance is restored. The skin is smoothed, plumped, filled and primed ready for make-up or not.”

REN Clean Skincare.

Perfect Canvas Serum, REN.

I have been using this as a primer the majority of the time over the last 2 weeks and I have loved the results. My foundation applies well over my serum & moisturiser. My skin feels and looks smoother once applied, and I can still create a dewy complexion look with this product. The main thing I like about this product is that it is not drying to my skin. Another testament to it is that I have stayed away from home twice recently and this product has traveled with me, I didn’t want to not use it when I was creating make up looks.

The retail cost of this product is £50, so definitely on the higher end of the beauty scale. However, depending on what you like to spend out on, this may be perfect for you. I think nothing of spending £50 on a dress or shoes, and you may be the same on skincare.

After all, our skin is with us longer than a pair of shoes. 

REN’s Quality Service

Other perks from REN skincare are that they are largely vegan friendly. The majority of their products are vegan, however a few do contain milk, honey and beeswax, still natural ingredients though that are good for and kind to skin.

A great thing I found when checking out their website was their recycling scheme. When a product is empty, you can return your bottle to them using Freepost REN. They will recycle the products to their upmost ability and use them for future packaging. Very cool.

With REN being on the higher end of the beauty price scale, they have set up a reward system as an incentive. You can earn points on each purchase, these will be saved and you can redeem them later. An added bonus is that with each purchase you will also be sent two samples of other products to try to. A great way to get to know other items.

I really only have praise for the product I have been using and I can’t wait to get to know more of REN.

I’d love to know if you have ever tried REN before, or what you think of the sound of the Perfect Canvas serum. Drop me a comment below or come say hey on my Instagram.

REN Skin Serum

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*This product was gifted to me to test and review. All views on this product are my own. I have shared honestly what I thought of it.


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