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I am back again with the second instalment in the Bank Holiday Blogs. This time round I’m going to share with you some baking ideas. Baking for me is really therapeutic, I love to bake all year round. Right now though during lockdown I am seeing so many more people take up this lovely past time.

Pre-Corona life, when we were all dashing here, there and everywhere I used to hear people say that they would love to bake but just don’t have the time. It’s lovely to see people having the time to experiment and create now. Which is a very small win we can take from all this.

After all, we have to enjoy the little things.

If you are new to baking, or just someone taking it back up after many years, then I have compiled a list of my favourite bakes, and other people’s favourite bakes. They’re simple enough to pull off and will make your isolation buddies very happy.


I love to bake cakes, this is where my baking niche lies. I find something very wholesome in loaf cakes in particular. Think Lemon Drizzle, Banana Loaf & Marble Cakes.

We all know by now that Banana Bread/Loaf cake has become the Lockdown bake of choice; why this one in particular I am not that sure. I usually use an Internet recipe for mine, but I saw that both Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Abbie from Blush and Noise shared great recipes on their Instagram.

Lemon Drizzle. Choc Chip Banana Bread made by Allie – using the Blush and Noise recipe! Banana Loaf topped with Lotus Spread (my sisters bake!)

For my lemon drizzle cake I use the BBC Good Food recipe. It’s super easy, and the cake comes out lovely. A tip I have for creating a lovely lemon drizzle is to add the zest from 2 lemons. Then before adding the drizzle over the cake, prick around 10 holes across the top of the cake so it can seep in when pouring over.

The BBC Good Food recipe is also great for Chocolate Orange Marble Cake. I usually make this for Christmas, but it’s so delicious and comforting that it’s perfect for right now. For the decorating of this, I like to melt some Terry’s Chocolate Orange.


I haven’t made any tray bakes for a long time, and with only 2 of us isolating together right now, I think that time will go on longer. However, they still make for great ideas to make as a family, or I suppose to bake and pass out to neighbours.

The popular tray bakes I’ve seen have been Brownies and flapjacks. I am a sucker for a home-baked brownies. I like to warm them slightly in the microwave & voila.

Popular recipes for brownies seem to be from Jane’s Patisserie and Mary Berry. Becky from Eat Liverpool made some amazing looking Chocolate Orange Brownie’s from Jane’s recipe.

Chocolate Brownies made by my friend Karen. Jessica Bakes Well flapjacks made by my sister. Chocolate Orange Brownies made by Becky, Eat Liverpool.

A great North West business is Jessica Bakes Well. One of her bake at home packs is for flapjacks. My mum and sister made the Mince Pie flavoured flapjack, I just wish I could visit them to help them eat the lot.


Nutella Cookies made by Codie from Codie Kinz. 130g plain flour, 300g Nutella, 1 egg. Bake for 10mins on 180.

I know I said before that Banana bread was the trending bake, but I actually think it is cookies. My social media feed has been full of cookies & fun cakes (things like cupcakes & crispy cakes).

Rocky Road Crispy Cakes made by The Dunbars. Vegan Oat Cookies by Amy. Emma’s Easter Cookies.

Cookies can be made to be indulgent or healthy. Because we all need that bit of balance in our lives. Amy, from Alchemy by Amy made Vegan Oat Cookies.

1 cup of oats, 2 mashed bananas, 1tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, dash of vanilla extract, 2 tbsp maple/golden/agave syrup, 5 tbsp coconut oil, loads of chocolate chips. Mix all together. Bake on 180 12-15 mins.

The creme egg cookies are a popular one, you can also swap out creme eggs for mini eggs. Emma from Owls and Stags made the most mouth watering chocolate Easter cookies. These would certainly put a smile on someone’s face if you left these on their doorstep.

Thank you Lucy, from LuluMersey for telling me about this fabulous pizza base idea. My apple crumble, following a Tanya Burr recipe.

A few other bakes that are super easy and quick to throw together are crumbles, and dough treats. I was sent a brilliant recipe on social media of how to make a healthy pizza base using only flour and yogurt. I think I will be giving this one a try.

Then of course, you can use any spare flour, butter and sugar to create a fruit crumble. I love to make an Apple Crumble, and sometimes add raspberries also. There’s a great recipe on BBC Good Food (again, they’re a great go to). But there’s also a fabulous recipe for this in Tanya Burr’s recipe book. I love this book and bake quite a few things from it.

On Your Marks, Get Set, BAKE

So, do you think you’ll be giving one of these a try? I wanted to pack this post with tried and tested bakes from lots of people. That way I know they will work for you guys at home, and also they have been taste tested and come out with 10/10.

My bakes this weekend will be a lemon drizzle and I think some sort of cookie. I might try the chocolate cookies with added mini eggs, or the oat cookies.

I’d love it if you would let me know what you are enjoying baking during isolation, or what ones of these recipes you will be trying out this weekend.

Please do tag me on social media with your bakes.

Wishing you all a lovely and safe Easter Weekend. Happy Baking.

Jessi xoxo

*Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures and recipes of your bakes. They all look so delicious, and have given me, and hopefully lots of others, inspiration for the weekend.

Cover image – Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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