The Year That Made Me Believe In Myself

Here we are at the start of the last month of year. This year without a doubt is one where I have felt the most comfortable in my own skin. I don’t know if this had anything to do with me turning 30, experiencing and navigating a lot of highs and lows or receiving a package from Daisy Jewellery. But I finally feel like I am truly me.

That’s why, when I read about the piece of jewellery I am wearing here and what it represents, after I had already chosen it, it makes me so happy to know I was drawn to this piece for a reason.

If you haven’t already heard of Daisy Jewellery, then you need to check them out. They create beautiful, feminine and dainty pieces in every style. In recent years they have collaborated with Estee LaLonde, an online content creator and all round confidence enthusing babe. Her first collection featured items that were inspired by the power and strength we get from the sun, and from within ourselves.

Her second collection is now live and is inspired by feminine strength and goddesses in our everyday lives, including seeing yourself as one.

I love this idea that as women we should see ourselves as a goddess. We are constantly talking down to ourselves, pointing out our flaws, when we could be focusing on what we do well, and how well we look and feel.

This post contains gifted items.

The Power Of Jewellery

I was kindly given the opportunity to chose a piece of jewellery from the collection, to wear and fall in love with myself. Almost instantly I was drawn to the Goddess Medallion necklace. I don’t even know why as I don’t tend to wear this style, or gold jewellery.

Something about it, a small fact being it reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean medallion, really drew me in. And now reading about its design I can see why.

The Goddess Medallion, all created by Estee and Daisy Jewellery, is one of the stand out pieces of Estee’s second collection. The medallion resembles a talisman of inner strength. The changing moon symbol is a reminder that this too shall pass. And the poured gold texture symbolises imperfect beauty. This collection has been made to remind us all to embrace every part of us.

Everyday Goddess

Inner strength is something I draw on from the main goddess in my life, which is my Mum. Her strength, patience and kindness are things I aspire to have. She will do anything for anyone before sorting herself out. She’s constantly supporting others, when sometimes she’s the one who needs it. She’s constantly upbeat, and aside from the odd ailment and illness, I never hear her complain about herself. What a role model to grow up around.

I do believe this has had a positive impact on me, especially when turning a certain pivotal age. I have started speaking to myself with more love, and less hate. Me as I am now, is me. My body and mind have got me to where I am today.

Ending the year Happy

Reading that the moon symbolises the saying “this, too, shall pass” couldn’t be more fitting. I know instagram and blogging can seem like a constant stream of “happiness” and “perfect moments”, but remember that those moments are always the highlights. A lot can be going on behind the scenes of someones Instagram/Blog life.

This is why that phrase is so important to me right now. Behind the blog at the moment is a life that has been difficult in recent months. A lot of low times came after incredibly good times. Which hits home to me that good & bad times come and go. Right now are the bad times, but they won’t last.

I am positive that the start of a new year will bring new good times, experiences and opportunities. I am hoping this for all my friends and family, and for those of you reading this. Remember that whatever is happening right now, that too shall pass.

EsteeLalonde X Daisy

I love the way that when you wear jewellery, especially as a jewellery lover, your individual items can make you feel different with each wear.

I have a ring I constantly wear that reminds me of my travels to Greece, I have bracelets that spark many memories of friendships and celebrations. Now I have a necklace that will remind me, and encourage me, to always work on my inner strengths, and to put the goddess in me more forward. I want to encourage other women to do this too.

You won’t see me with this off now. The Goddess Medallion has become a staple in my collection, and a necessity to wear as often as possible.

I’d love to know if you have any Daisy Jewellery items. Also, who are your everyday Goddesses? Do you have any jewellery items that when you wear them you feel empowered?

Love, Jessi


*The necklace in this post was gifted by Daisy Jewellery/Hit Search UK. All images and views are my own.


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