Christmas Comedy Films for a Cosy Night In – Blogmas Day 8

Last Film Friday was about heartfelt Christmas Films. Did you read that one? I have so many favourite festive films, that in order to include them all, I had to split them in to categories.

This weeks Film Friday is about Christmas Comedies. These are some of the best Christmas films around, and no matter how many times I’ve watched them, they still make me howl with laughter.

Christmas With The Kranks

Christmas With The Kranks. Christmas Comedies Blog. Film Blog UK.

“Free Frosty! Free Frosty!”

Isn’t Tim Allen just the king of Christmas films? I think so. This is a good family comedy, that will have you laughing throughout and shedding a tear at the end.

I love the leading stars, Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. Plus, there’s a few other famous faces throughout the film, Dan Aykroyd to name one!

See a plot unfold of how a couple try and skip Christmas this year, due to their daughter being away. however on Christmas Eve they get a very unexpected phone call and all their plans have to change.


Elf movie. Christmas Comedies Blog. Film Blog.

“Is there sugar in syrup? Then I LOVE it!”

You know the type of film when the title speaks for itself. You only have to say it and everyone says YES. Well this is Elf. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like this film.

When we went to New York we couldn’t help ourselves, and we had to recreate some of the films best moments. Like when he’s running in the revolving door. And, jumping across the zebra crossing (despite on coming beeping traffic).

Will Ferrel made such an iconic Christmas film, that really warmed the hearts of people of all ages. I actually forget that it’s him playing Buddy, he does it that well.

Santa Clause The Movie 1, 2 & 3

The Santa Clause. Tim Allen. Film Blog. Christmas Comedy Films.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! And when I wake up, I’m gettin’ a CAT scan!”

I had to lump this trilogy in all together, as I love each of these movies. I think it’s amazing how they kept all the cast the same throughout each one, despite the first and second being made 8 years apart.

Tim Allen becoming Santa is brilliant. He plays the transition perfectly, and his witty humour is hilarious. I love the first movie for this. There are some super cute moments in these films. Like in the third one, when little Lucy thaw’s out Jack Frost’s heart by giving him a hug.

Fred Claus

Fred Claus. Christmas Film. Film Blog UK.

“Only one man’s going to walk away from this thing, and I promise you! It’s going to be the lightning-quick dude with the big yellow things in his hands! Dig it?”

This film is so funny. I love the modern style to this classic tale of Santa. Vince Vaughn plays the cynical brother of Santa Claus. This film is full of dry wit, and humour. It would be cute for kids, however I think it’s perfect for adults too.

The scene when Vince’s character gets all the Elves dancing to Elvis, is so funny.

We can also now just ignore the fact that Kevin Spacy is in this movie. He’s easy to block out, he’s a miserable character anyway!

The Grinch

The Grinch. Christmas Movies. Christmas Comedy Films.


Where to begin with the awesomeness of The Grinch. I’m not usually a Jim Carey movie lover, but in this one, he is brilliant. From the cuteness overload of Cindy Lou all the way through the film. To the hilarious one liners of The Grinch. This film has me laughing throughout.

Can we also just all agree that The Grinch perfectly describes how you always feel before a night out, in that hilarious monologue scene.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Christmas Family Films. Christmas Comedy Films.

“I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit!”

This film is one of my ALL time favourite Christmas films. I will definitely watch this more than once, each December. I have grown up watching this film with my family, and always laughing at it. It’s a great family Christmas movie.

I’m still shocked when people say they haven’t seen it. So if that’s you, you have to watch it this weekend.

It’s so 80’s, with everything from the hair, to the clothes, even picture quality. But I guarantee you’ll laugh your socks off. Especially at the end with Aunt Bethany thinking the sewage tank blowing up, is fireworks, so starts singing the National Anthem. Gets me every time.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party. Christmas Comedy Films. Film Blog UK.

“Hey, so, are you going to be inviting your fake girlfriend to the holiday party later? I mean I just want to make sure you have time to inflate her.”

This is a newby to the Christmas film family. It was released last year, and me and Ste went the cinema to see this. It is hilarious. Definitely not very family friendly, but so funny.

It’s about an office Christmas party that ends up so out of control, partly due to the boss trying to please his workers, one last time. He’s just found out that his office is closing, and wants to do a massive send off. He throws a party like no other.

The famous faces you’ll recognise in this are Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn. The antics they all get up to in this are really funny, and crazy. I’m glad I included this one in here, as it’s reminded me to go buy the DVD.

The Night Before

The Night Before. Christmas Comedy Films. Film Blog UK.

“Isaac: I think the cocaine and the mushrooms are acting poorly. Chris: You look insane! Only your right eye is working.”

This movie is a new Netflix discovery. I love anything that has Seth Rogen in it, so I was actually surprised I hadn’t seen it yet. It also stars, Joseph Gordon Levitt, who I just love. Hello, 10 Things I Hate About You! It’s set on Christmas Eve, and is about 3 best friends carrying out a long standing tradition.

It’s another one that isn’t really family friendly, but it does make a great date-night-in film. You’ll laugh your socks off to this, and at some of the situations they get themselves in to.

If you like Seth Rogen movies then you’ll love this. And it has the added bonus of Christmas. Perfect.

Till Next Time

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas Comedy round up. I think there is a movie here for everyone, whether it’s family night, girls night or date night. They’ll all bring some Christmas spirit, and plenty of laughs.

Do you have a favourite, out of any of these? Or more to add?

Love, Jessi




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