Reasons To Take A One Night Break Away.

Are you all aware of the meme that is a photograph of a crying celebrity and is captioned, “Me trying to excel at my career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy”? Well as funny as the meme is, I empathise with this so much.

Sometimes I do sit in a slump on the couch and think how on earth have I got enough hours in the week to work a full time job, run my blog, exercise, spend time with my husband, see my family and friends, clean my house and then watch my favourite Netflix shows. I wish I could just switch off once in a while, slow my brain down, take some real life, in the moment time, to enjoy what is around me. I realised all this when over the summer, me and ste had a couple of 1 night breaks away.

Abersoch Beach - 1 Night Away Blog

Take the time to get away

Just going for a 1 night break is the perfect chance to switch off, take a breather and just be in the moment. You don’t have to travel far, it could even be a night in a hotel in your own city. But I guarantee that change of environment will trigger some good feelings.

The 1 night away trip can be the answer to many travel problems. People don’t like flying can keep it a local, and on the ground. You may not have the funds for a big trip right now, but want that change of scenery. Your partner, or yourself can struggle to get time off work, so the shorter the trip the better.

We went to a lovely little cottage in Wales for the weekend at the beginning of August. Then early September we stayed in a B&B in the Lake District. Seeing as we live in Liverpool, we’re lucky that places like Wales and the Lake District aren’t too far away. So they make the perfect weekend trip.

North Wales Scenery - 1 Night Away Blog

Why Wales?

We chose Wales for our first weekend away because we both love North Wales. I’ve gone here since I was a kid and I do try and visit every summer.

We stayed in a little (very little) village in between Abersoch and Aberdaron. The cottage was ran by the sweetest lady, and was in the most idyllic setting. The reason I loved it here was because there was barely any mobile signal, a dodgy wifi connection and no noise at all. Our bedroom window looked out over rolling fields and we could see the sea in the distance. Just taking all that in transported me a million miles away.

Our Cottage for a 1 Night Stay

Sometimes we don’t need our mobile connections. We just need to switch off. I find I’m glued to my phone for the majority of hours in my day, so just putting it down for once felt really good.

Life is certainly going on, and being documented on the World Wide Web, however for me, just sat outside that little cottage, life felt very still.

If you do head to Wales, some of my favourite little places to visit are all around the Llyn Peninsula – Abersoch, Criccieth, Llanbedrog, and Harlech. A little further in land is Beddgelert.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in to 2 days. We visited 5 places in our Wales trip and loved each one.

Life tip for Wales – pack a waterproof.

At the beach. Abersoch. 1 Night Away Blog

It may look sunny here but the day before was a wash out. Still had a brilliant time, but no pictures.

Exploring the Lakes.

Our September trip to the Lakes was tied in with attending the evening reception of our friends Wedding. We thought if we’re going up that way, we may as well make a weekend out of it. We stayed just outside of Ambleside in a lovely hillside guesthouse. The location was beautiful, very quiet again, and I couldn’t help but think that the views in front of me were a superimposed oil painting.

We really took the time to chill here. We spent our first day just walking round Ambleside town, stopping for coffee and lunch, and then relaxing in the surroundings of our home for the night.

Ambleside. 1 Night Stay Blog.


The following day we put our National Trust Membership to good use. This has been the best direct debit I’ve signed up for. We explored my childhood literary hero’s home – Hill Top Farm, owned by Beatrix Potter. I wandered her gardens and home and just imagined her ideas coming to life.

You could see why her creations came to life here, as opposed to London. The views were inspiring and it’s actually quiet enough to think.

We found a castle, that wasn’t in fact a castle – Wray Castle. It was a home built by a well to do Liverpool couple, that used it as a retirement home. They were actually friends of Beatrix and her family. I wouldn’t mind a pretend castle as my retirement home.

Wray Castle, Windemere. 1 Night Stay Blog.

We spent time driving round the hills and stopping to look at the views from different places. Just taking in the stillness and fresh air helped to calm my mind, think clearer and be re-energised.

The Lake District is somewhere I would love to explore more of. Head their for walks (not too adventurous ones), visit more lakes, I’ve heard Ullswater is beautiful and find more lovely B&B’s to relax in.

We hit the jackpot with the ones we chose to stay at because they served up a brilliant breakfast, another good reason to get away. Take the pressure off yourself, and have someone else bring you your coffee and fry-up, and then do the dishes.

City Girl In The Country

I may be a city girl through and through, and sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in the country side. Although I do think the sheep appreciated my Superstars & Mickey Jumper outfit. But, I love it. I love having that break away and filling myself with all the fresh air, and my mind with the views. I always feel refreshed and recharged and ready to face life back at home again.

Ambleside. 1 Night Away Blog.

I’d love to know if you often go away for one night breaks, either in the week or at weekends. What is your favourite destination to go? I’d love to know if you’ve been thinking of having a break soon and this may of persuaded you to book somewhere. I really do hope so, everyone deserves a chilled out time.

Love, Jessi



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