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Oh You Beauty – Make Up, Beauty, Skincare

I am a lover of of salon treatments. There’s no denying that. I love a good Spa/Salon relaxing visit, and especially when it’s somewhere I haven’t tried before.

Oh You Beauty. Liverpool Salon. Liverpool Skin Specialist. UK Blogger. UK Beauty Blog.

Oh You Beauty is ran by a friend of mine who I have known for a number of years. It’s a wonder why this is the first time I have tried out Janine’s wonderful beauty skills, since her salon opened in February 2019.

I recently visited Janine for a facial. Since then I have been back to have a Shellac manicure & eyebrow waxing/tinting treatments. I haven’t only returned for the first class treatments, I also get to relax again in the beautiful sanctuary that is her salon.

Oh You Beauty – Salon and Background

You’ll find Oh You Beauty in the heart of West Derby, Liverpool. It has been built in to an outhouse in the garden of her family property. Think of your dream Wendy House or She Shed, and Janine’s salon is one step better.

The salon space is perfect, cosy, chic, and welcoming. No different to that of a space found in a village high street or city centre.

Oh You Beauty. Liverpool Salon. Liverpool Skin Specialist. UK Blogger. UK Beauty Blog.

The space is split across three rooms. The welcome area also has the make up & manicure stations in. There is a small room used for tanning, and the final room is for all other beauty treatments ~ lashes, facials, and waxing.

I feel so relaxed at Oh You Beauty, even before the treatments have started. The ambience of the music playing, candles flickering and having a lovely warm coffee to sip makes for the perfect escape.

Make Up & Skincare Specialist

Janine has been in the beauty industry for 10 years, her journey in to the world of beauty began whilst working on cruise ships.

After disembarking (pun intended) she became manager of the Dermalogica counter in Harvey Nichols. It was here that Janine gained the majority of her knowledge and qualifications on skin care, and gained Expert Status from Dermalogica.

In 2015 Janine trained in Media City on a full time make up course, and has been creating looks for all occasions ever since. She’s worked on music videos, TV commercials, and glossy photo shoots.

Oh You Beauty. Liverpool Salon. Liverpool Skin Specialist. UK Blogger. UK Beauty Blog.

As much as Janine loves to help men and women feel their best after having a good wax, tan or new lashes put on, her true passion is making others feel good in their own skin through skincare and make overs.

Creating looks for Weddings is the ultimate passion. Janine has worked with Brides and Bridal parties in the UK and abroad. From consultations on skincare and make-up to creating the look on the day, she offers the full package.

My Facial Experience

I have wanted to try one of Oh You Beauty’s facial treatments for ages, and I finally got the chance. All facials are Dermalogica based treatments. Each client will receive a full consultation on their skin type and needs before each treatment.

During the facial Janine talks you through each step and how it is helping your skin, until you get to the massage part, then you can feel free to fall asleep.

Oh You Beauty. Liverpool Salon. Liverpool Skin Specialist. UK Blogger. UK Beauty Blog.

My facial targeted dryness, dehydration, and blocked pores. I had a mix of cleanser & exfoliating toner, detoxifying and hydrating masks applied, and an overnight hydrating serum to finish off.

To make it stand out from other facials I’ve had before, I had 2 new procedures within the facial. One of which was a steam cleanse. Whilst my skin was being prepped for the masks I had steam blowing on to my face. It took a few seconds to get used to, but after that it was great. This really helped clear my cold also.

And the 2nd procedure was a black head removal. Straight away I bet some of you imagined those super painful stick on & peel off strips. Well no, this procedure was painless. Janine uses an instrument that glides along your face using very small vibrations and it draws the dirt from your pores. Your skin will look incredible in the target areas afterwards.

Once the serum was all applied and I was without a doubt unwilling to move from the tranquil space, I checked out my new skin in the light. I had instant results from Janine’s skilled work, and the Dermalogica products.

My skin still feels hydrated, looks clearer, and certainly more glowing than usual.

How To Book

Janine’s prices at Oh You Beauty are very competitive for the quality of work you are receiving. Being fully trained in all aspects of the business, and knowing what works well for top quality salon treatment (after 10 years in the business) Oh You Beauty is without a doubt a place to check in to, so you can check out of reality for a little while.

The facials start from £25 for 30 minutes, and her make up starts at £15.

To book in, chat to, or see further pricing check out Oh You Beauty on the website or via Instagram. All inspiration for make up looks, nail ideas, and facial knowledge can be found on the Instagram page.

With it being the change in the season now, you’ll notice your skin start to change or act up a little. So why not treat yourself to a treatment that will combat this. Autumn/Winter for me is all about treating my skin well, and having fun with nail art. Oh You Beauty can help you there.

Plus, the big C word itself, Christmas, is just around the corner. Time to start thinking of treats for the family.

As always, let me know what you think. Is this the type of salon switch off time you have needed for a while?

Jessi xoxo

*Facial Treatment was gifted. All other treatments were paid for. Images and words are honest and my own.


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