Winter Nights and Netflix.

Before we get started, I have to admit that it’s taken me days to write this and get it out, because I’ve been a total Netflix binge all week. I think I have a problem! Ha!

Happy New Month to you all. November holds one of my favourite nights of the year, Bonfire Night. I absolutely love watching Firework displays, lighting sparklers and getting food on the go.

For us it is usually chips from a local chippy, but this year we are heading to the Albert Dock for the River of Light, so I’m sure we’ll pick something yummy up from a food truck down there.

As the nights have well and truly drawn in now, all I want to do when I finish work is head home and get cosy on the couch.

Although I’m super excited for Christmas already; yes I did just drop the C word, it’s still a little early for the festive films. So instead I have started some amazing new series and got some fab films lined up on Netflix.

I’m such a Netflix lover, and I have had a lot of lovely feedback from my Fashion On Netflix post, so I thought I would recommend a few more. These are all great for a winters night as they are a little grittier than usual. They’re perfect for the month of November before we dig out the festive rom-coms and Christmas comedies.

The Good Wife


Now I started this a couple of weeks ago and I’m already flying through it. I remember this being on TV years ago and there being lots of hype around it. I’m really enjoying it and find it quite easy viewing, but at the same time want to put the next episode on straight after. It is set in Chicago and focuses on the life and career of Alicia Florrick, her husband was a former states attorney but he had a mega affair with many women and in one way or other (which I don’t know about fully yet) became corrupt and lost his job. Each episode focuses on them rebuilding their personal lives, as well as her heading back to work as a Lawyer. I love the Lawyer scenes as each episode is about a brand new case and how they are going to tackle it. It’s entwined with personal drama, love triangles and corruption.

Binge Level = 3/5

Gone Girl


This is probably one of my favourite from Book to Screen adaptations. If you haven’t read the book though, don’t worry, the movie does a great job of explaining everything so that everyone watching feels like they have had the full story. It is super twisted and so well thought out that I challenge anyone who hasn’t seen it to guess the ending before it happens. The movie, like the book, is split between 2 characters, we get the Husbands perspective and the Wife’s perspective, eventually they level out and come together for what makes the film so memorable, a thriller of an ending.

Binge Level = I won’t get bored of watching this.

Luke Cage


I haven’t started this yet but I will be doing so soon! I actually can’t wait to watch it all as I loved “Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage is a character from that series. I’m sure they said another series of Jessica Jones would be coming back to us soon and I really hope it does, but for now I can stick with Luke. This series is based on Marvel comic book characters so it does have that superhero vibe to it, but with a realist twist to. Certain people in the show have super powers but they’re living in the real world among real people and these Supers are trying to conceal their powers. We met Luke a lot in Jessica Jones, but we didn’t learn that much about him, so I’m excited to get stuck in to this.

Binge Level = 3/5

How To Get Away With Murder


I found this series a few months ago when I was searching through Netflix for something new to watch, the lead lady in it is Viola Davies and I love her, and it also has Alfred Enoch in it. I can hear you saying “Who?”, it’s Dean Thomas from Harry Potter (whattttt!!) I was so intrigued to see what he was like in this. It turns out it is a crazy show, but so addictive. It’s another law based show focusing on a group of Law Students that intern at their Law Professors practice. Their Professor is the best lawyer around, and proves that she really can get anyone out of any situation. Netflix have now just put season 2 of this show up, so you know how I’ll be spending my evenings or Sunday afternoons to come.

Binge Level = 4/5

Bates Motel


Where do I begin to start raving about this show, I am just totally obsessed with it. It’s based on Hitchcock’s Psycho, and it is a prequel to Norman’s Mum dying. The acting in this is so good. You manage to connect with all of the characters, no matter how twisted or violent they are. There are 3 seasons on Netflix at the moment and Season 4 is being uploaded early 2017, I cannot wait. The third season ended so tensely that it has taken so much will power of mine to not read about S4, so please, NO spoilers. If you like something that is quite dark, a bit twisted, but also has moments of romance and empathy then this is for you. And I just have to say, I’m totally in love with the character of Dylan, played by Max Thieriot, he’s the brooding, rebel brother of Norman, he’s hot guys.

Binge Level = 5/5

Stranger Things


Ok this is the last one I am going to recommend, but if you seriously haven’t seen this yet, then where have you been? If you don’t have Netflix, but you are reading this, then it’s worth getting the 30 day Free Trial for this show alone! The season is only 8 episodes long, so if you’re a hardcore Netflix binger then you could do this in one night, we managed it in 2 nights, pretty good going I think! I initially wanted to space this one out, and not binge watch, but it was far too good to not let the next episode play. It is set in the 80’s in a small town in America (already I was sold, 80’s US shows/movies = the best). One day a young boy goes missing and his friends make it their mission to find him, along the way they discover a corrupt government science programme, a girl with special powers and a parallel universe where an angry alien creature has kidnapped the boy & others and taken them to this place. It’s a sci-fi thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat in every episode.

Binge Level = 5/5

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you’d like me to do more like this please comment below or get in touch on my social medias, I’m jessimilton25 on Instagram and Twitter. If you’ve watched any of these already I’d love to know what you thought, or if you have any other shows or films to recommend then please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading,

Jess xoxo



  1. January 15, 2017 / 1:24 am

    I’ve been binge-watching these too! Love Luke Cage, the music is so good in it. I haven’t watched Stranger Things yet though. Some good suggestions in this post!

    • January 15, 2017 / 10:30 am

      Thanks Rebecca. You will love Stranger Things, season 2 is coming out this year. I’m so excited!

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