A Night with “Our Girl”.

On Monday night we were lucky enough to go to the BBC Red Carpet Premiere of the new series of Our Girl. It was based at “Home” in Manchester, and was hosted by the BBC from Media City Manchester.



It was a lovely day to wait outside and watch the press set up!

The cast and crew of 2016’s Our Girl were all in attendance, along with the Executive Producer and Writer of the show. Although we got there really early and waited round a long time for the event to begin, once it did we had a great time.


Meeting Michelle Keegan

We got to meet Michelle Keegan as she made her way down the red carpet saying hi to all the people who had come out to see her.

A bit of back ground on the “Michelle Keegan love” is that my Hubby LOVES her. She is his number 1 celeb crush, and for years I never got it, but over the last couple of years she’s turned in to one of my celeb girl crushes.

I love her style and her blog, it’s over on Hello.com. So meeting her, and getting a picture was actually pretty funny. Even though Ste was all calm and collected, he’d actually just met someone he’s fancied for years. And she’s also bloody gorgeous in real life *sob*.

Her top was Lipsy! And she was so glad to be Brunette again! 

Our Girl – Episode 1

But back to the event. We were ushered in to one of the largest screens at this venue, it’s very similar to FACT in Liverpool. Before the screening of the first episode of Our Girl, there was a Q&A session hosted by Beccy Barr from the BBC.

Questions were put to Michelle Keegan who plays the lead role in Our Girl; Georgie Lane – an experienced Army Medic, the Executive Producer of the show Caroline Skinner and Writer and Executive Producer Tony Grounds.


The show has been in the making for 2 years, so much goes in to it behind the scenes that we don’t realise when we watch it on our TV’s. After basing the first series, and the one of Drama in Southern England they wanted a new series based up North. The writers had Michelle in mind as the lead. It must be amazing to have a part written for you.

Getting in to character

To get in to the role of an Army Medic, Michelle and Writer Tony, met lots of women who have worked on the front line in many different places, and heard their accounts of what it is like to be there and be dealing with injured soldiers right in the middle of hostile and emergency situations. You can tell these stories stayed with Michelle as she plays the role amazingly.

The first episode is filled with all kinds, personal issues, work issues, tension and so much drama.

They don’t hold back in throwing the audience in to what is the reality of many people’s lives on the Kenyan and Somalian border, and inside one of the largest refugee camps in the world.

This is where the series will be set, as Georgie Lane travels to Kenya on a Humanitarian mission with her Army Commander and his team. From watching the first episode already, we are all in for an absolute treat of a show.

Our Girl will be on BBC 1, Wednesday’s at 9pm. The First episode is tonight.



Jess xoxo



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