Barre Balance Liverpool – My Experience So Far

If you had told me at any point last year that by February 2019 I’d be completely in love with Barre exercise, I wouldn’t have believed you.

For years different physios & Dr’s have recommended to me to do Yoga or Pilates. This was to aid awful neck & shoulder pain I suffer with due to old injures. I’ve tried tonnes of different classes, and never felt anything from them other than feeling totally out of place.

But at the end of last year I had the opportunity to be part of a launch team of a brand new exercise business opening up in Liverpool City Centre.

Natalie Butler, founder & instructor of Barre Balance, has moved back to Liverpool after living in Australia for 3 years. Hitting the ground running Natalie has brought back her skills, knowledge and training of Barre and created a new fitness community for the women of our city.

I met with Natalie in December of last year. We had a one hour taster class of Barre, and asked if we’d like to join the launch team come January 2019. I jumped at the chance, as it was a gifted collaboration including a 5 week course of 2 classes a week, in exchange for honest reviews, promotion and regular feedback.

I wanted a new fitness commitment with going on a big holiday come April, and finally one came along that would encourage me to get my aches & pains right too.

So what is Barre?

Having heard of Barre before, and wanting to try it for a while, I had a little idea of what it was about.

If you haven’t heard of it before then Natalie explains it much better than I do.

“Barre is a beautiful feminine movement which has the poise of Pilates, the flowing sequence of yoga and the finesses of ballet. Our classes use light hand weights, small props and body weight to help sculpt and tone your body without bulking up. Our mission is to offer women a fun work out which strengthens and tones their body. The classes aim to restore mind and body balance in a warm and welcoming environment which makes you leave feeling amazing!”

I literally couldn’t have put it better.

The Classes

Each class held is an hour long, and although the core moves are the same, each one is different. You work your whole body in Barre. You will feel aches in muscles you never knew you had, but that’s how you know it’s working.

Some classes we use light 1kg weights, a ball & resistance bands within the exercises. The exercises use light weights as they’re all about repetition & toning, just like Natalie said.

The parts of the class when we use the barre are my favourite. These exercises are the ones that have helped me so much with my posture. Natalie encourages us to correct, and hold our good postures throughout all the movements.

The end of each class is also my favourite part. We do a 5 minute meditation session, and for someone who has never meditated before, I am in love with it.

This calms and cools you right down. We focus on our breathe, we clear our minds, and lie down on our mats to only focus on Natalie’s voice. All the stresses of the day are gone. You can smell the essential oils that are moved around the room to awaken the senses, and this moment is honestly my favourite time of the week.

The Launch Period

Seeing as Barre Balance Liverpool has only been going since mid January, it already has a solid following of ladies.

Whether members have found out about it via the social media coverage of the launch team, or through advertising, either way a loyal community is starting to build nicely.

Natalie is all about turning Barre Balance in to a community. Not only will we all meet to do classes, but we can be a part of the Facebook group to regularly chat, meet for coffee mornings/brunches, and eventually work up to heading on retreats together. Count Me In!

I asked Natalie how she felt the launch time had gone, and if she was happy with using bloggers to spread the word in the first few weeks.

“Welcoming local bloggers to experience Barre Balance to help raise awareness has been a dream come true. All of the girls have absolutely loved attending and have posted authentically about their experiences. These beautiful souls have created social conversations and brought Barre Balance to new audiences.”

It’s been the biggest pleasure to be a part of this launch team. I actually can’t believe my luck over it all. Natalie also added how the class schedule has grown faster than anticipated.

“After only two months since the launch we have added two classes to the timetable, scheduled our first Barre and Brunch event and introduced monthly coffee catch ups. I knew barre was new concept to the city but didn’t realise how many girls have been waiting for it to arrive! The feedback has been incredible and all our growth has been organic.”

The Future For Barre Balance

Personally I can see this Barre movement taking off in Liverpool, even more than it has done so already. Liverpool is a thriving city, and it’s about time we had fitness movements to rival the likes of London.

Natalie has opened a niche to us here that will only grow and grow.

I’m so excited for the future with Barre Balance. Although my time on the launch team has ended, I am super happy to tell you that you’ll still be able to follow my Barre adventures on my socials as I am an ambassador for it for the next few months. I am beyond thrilled.

“The future is very exciting, the timetable will continue to grow and we are currently looking for a permanent studio space. Lots of workshops, pop up events and retreats in the pipeline too! I’m over the moon, truly grateful and extremely excited to continue to make a difference to women’s lives.”

I’m going to leave you with that excitement filled message from Natalie.

If you have been considering yoga/pilates style exercise for a while, then give Barre a try. There are 2 week taster passes available to purchase.

All information about class times and prices can be found on the current facebook page. Plus come check out Barre Balance and Natalie on Instagram, you will want that positive energy on your timeline.

If you have any more questions about the classes, or join them after reading my article, then please do let me know. It will be so lovely to see who this reaches.

Love, Jessi


*like stated in the article, the first 5 weeks of classes were gifted as part of a collaboration. All views are honest and my own. I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes.



  1. March 4, 2019 / 7:44 am

    This sounds like such a wonderful class! I might have to look into the taster passes and give it a try! I’ve been doing yoga on and off for a while but always felt like something is missing! I miss the atmospheres of classes, getting into the studio and going with the flow of the practice!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • jessiloublog
      March 27, 2019 / 4:18 pm

      Being in the class environment really adds to the atmosphere of doing the Barre/yoga movements. Natalie is so enthusiastic so it’s very encouraging! Plus I know you’d love the end meditation session!

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