The Art of Conversation.



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This blog is a little different to ones I usually put out. I’m not reviewing a product or a place I have been to, instead I’m just having a chat, mainly with myself and hopefully some of you guys will understand me.

Something dawned on me the other day, through a situation I was in, that we may be losing the art of conversation. Am I showing my age when I say this? Surely not, I’m only 27, but I have always been a fan of striking up a conversation with people but nowadays we can either chose to shut down our feelings, ignore one another, or more confidently communicate through social media.

Since I started blogging I have met a lot of new people. We talk on instagram & twitter, but are we as forth coming when we see each other face to face? I’m not sure. I feel like this is true for many situations though, you add a colleague on Facebook and chat there, you follow an old school friend on Insta and chat there, but would we stop them in the street to say Hi?  I feel like when you’re talking to someone in reality there is no where to hide, we have to be ourselves with no filters, no pre planned captions, just simple spare of the moment flowing conversation.

The fact that in conversation there is nowhere to hide can make people feel uneasy, but in a recent world of so many fakes, copies and filters, an honest conversation is something to treasure.


I love talking, I always have, I think this is why I was a part of a drama group from a very young age. I was a drama teacher for 8 years as well, and all that time I was encouraging students to be confident in speaking, whether in front of an audience or just to one another. Having a conversation with someone is easy, having the confidence to do so is the hard part.


The best thing about talking for me is the way it can make you feel so much better after a fab chat. People shouldn’t be bottling things up, if you’re struggling there is always someone there to talk to. If you’re stressed there will always be someone there to help you. If you’re angry or upset, don’t let it brew inside you, talk to someone for advice and a good input, or even talk to the person that has upset you. Talking about good old celebrity gossip (and there’s a lot of that around right now) is a good way to switch off and relax, the same with discussing a good book, film or holiday destination.

I guess what got me thinking about talking to one another is hearing so many accounts now of people struggling with stress, depression and anxiety, and 9 times out of 10 these sufferers feel like they had no one to talk to as they didn’t feel confident in themselves, and thought they were just exaggerating their emotions. From my own experiences, I promise you that nothing you feel or think, is not worth telling someone about. There will ALWAYS be someone who will listen and make you feel better, either for the long term, or just a short while.


I don’t know who this blog will reach, that’s the interesting thing about the Internet, but I do hope it reaches someone who may be looking for the tiniest bit of encouragement, to give them confidence in striking up that conversation they have been wanting.

This wasn’t intended as a very deep and meaningful blog, I was actually going to talk about the how Tweens nowadays just use Whats app to chat, and the mobile has become a regular fixture in Meals Out, or hang outs! Just talk instead. But that basically sums that point up, so I’m glad it went off in another direction.


I hope everyone has a really lovely weekend, and please look out for my Sunday Night blog, it’s all back to normal for me as it’s about the lovely bloggers event I went to at Lush, Liverpool this week. Wait until you see the amazingness in the products.

Let me know what you think of this, and feel free to share.

Love, Jess




  1. Alison
    September 23, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Very well written Jess.

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